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Altolamprologus: What a Wonderful Variety by Keegan Armke
Here's betting you didn't know so many different varieties of Altolamprologus existed.

Chalinochromis brichardi by Ken Armke
What makes the other "brichardi" such a great fish?

Do You Want Looks, Personality...or Both? by Keegan Armke
Making a case for the unique cichlids of Lake Tanganyika.

Forget the Fish - What's Under All That Sand? by Ken Armke
Who said you can't use "undersand" filtration?

Howdjupronounsthat - Or, What's in a Name? by Ken Armke
This is a simplified guide to the pronunciation of scientific fish names.

Hybridization and Line Breeding of African Cichlids by Ken Armke and Keegan Armke
Let's get the facts straight about these controversial issues.

Leleupi vs. Longior by Keegan Armke
The well-known leleupi and the little-known longior look similar, but...

Mandalawi World
African Diving is now exporting fish from this newly discovered region of Lake Malawi.

Misinformation Clouds Search for Right Name by Ken Armke
Sometimes a cichlid just isn't what it seems to be.

Raging Hormones ...Real Color? ...Or Not? by Keegan Armke
A treatise on the controversial subject of artificially coloring cichlids.

'Rubescens' and Other Red Peacocks from Germany by Keegan Armke
Clearing up the muddy waters surrounding the different red peacock species.

Synodontis petricola by Ken Armke
This dwarf Synodontis from Lake Tanganyika has marvelous qualities.

The Case for Little Fish in Big Aquariums by Ken Armke
Sometimes small is just better.

Victorians: They Will Earn Your Respect by Keegan Armke
The Victorian cichlids are gaining steady popularity in the hobby.

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