ARAF Buyer's Guide
To Mail Ordering Fish

Attention New Customers:
The most frequently asked question we receive is "How do I place an order?"
The answer to this and other questions may be found below.
Please read this guide thoroughly before placing your order.

        PLACING YOUR ORDER: The most efficient way to order fish is to simply call us on the telephone (830-609-6955 or 830-629-1191). At that time we will confirm stock and give you an exact quote including freight and packing charges. This can also be done via e-mail, but response time will be slower than via telephone. If telephoning with questions, please have your questions written out in advance of the phone call as time is often at a premium for you and us....and this will help save it. Please know that Armke's Rare Aquarium Fish returns ALL phone calls. There are many times that someone may not be available to accept your call due to uninterruptible tasks such as bagging and packing fish, performing aquarium maintenance, and handling other telephone calls. While this may be a temporary inconvenience, please understand that when it comes time to fill your order, we promise to give it the same undivided attention.

        MINIMUM ORDER: We don't have a minimum order. Armke's Rare Aquarium Fish ships almost every day of the work week, so we have no need to enforce a minimum order

        CONFIRMATION OF ORDER: After an order is placed, we confirm it as to availability and price of all fishes and items ordered.

        COST OF DELIVERY: There is no truly inexpensive means by which to supply same-day or next-day interstate delivery of healthy, live fish. For most orders, the cost will run from $35 to $85, depending upon size of order, destination and type of delivery. However, in addition to the overall selection and rarity of the fishes we offer, our prices are extremely competitive. We would ask you to perform this exercise: Put together a list constituting your tentative order and divide the estimated freight cost by the number of fish ordered to see how little the freight is really costing! Remember, too, that outside Texas you save state sales tax.

        PAYING FOR THE ORDER: You are welcome to pay by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover), by bank check or by money order. Personal checks are discouraged because they delay shipment while awaiting bank clearance. Texas residents add 8.25% sales tax.

        RESERVATIONS: After we have received your payment--or your notification that payment is en route via overnight or priority courier service (not regular mail)--we reserve the items you have ordered so that you receive what you ordered.

        SUBSTITUTIONS: We don't substitute without customer's specific knowledge and permission.

        SHIPPING DATE: Shipping date will be set as per mutual arrangement. At present, most orders are being shipped within three working days of confirmation and payment.

         LIVE DELIVERY: Armke's Rare Aquarium Fish (ARAF) finds the primary concerns of aquarists ordering fish for the first time via "mail" involve the delivery itself. They want to know if the fish will get to them alive. This is a valid and logical concern. To ship fish so that they arrive at their destination alive and healthy, the source needs to know what it's doing.....and have all of the equipment necessary to do it! takes experience to determine a method of delivery that provides the best combination of safety, economy and convenience for each individual order.

         We want to encourage you to order with all confidence your fish will arrive alive and healthy. Combining all possible shipping methods--air freight, overnight delivery service, etc.--we maintain a 98-per-cent-plus live delivery rate. The secret is use of the correct water in combination with plenty of pure oxygen and the right chemical additives, when needed. We supply references, upon request. We ship to ensure repeat customers.

         Guarantee: We provide a live delivery guarantee on all fish shipments (see Additional Terms and Conditions of Sale). In actual practice, our fish are bagged to withstand nominal delays, and rarely has any type of serious problem been ecountered regardless of method of shipment.

        RECEIPT OF SHIPMENT: Persons not experienced in receiving air shipments of live fishes should be cognizant of the following:

         .....If receiving an air freight shipment, recipient or a representative should be available to pick up the shipment at the airport within one to three hours after scheduled arrival.

        .....If receiving an air freight shipment, phone the air freight office of the respective airline NO EARLIER than 6 p.m. your time of the day your fish are shipped with Air Waybill number to get the estimated time of arrival (ETA) of your shipment. Please be aware that air freight shipments MAY or MAY NOT arrive in the evening of the same day they are shipped. Many shipments do not arrive until the day after shipment is made.

         .....If receiving a shipment via overnight courier service, recipient or a representative must be present at the destination address to receive the shipment in a timely manner.

         .....It is recommended that the fish be added only to aquariums which have been properly "cycled in".

         .....It is recommended that water from the shipping bags not be added to aquariums.

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