Copadichromis azureus

Copadichromis azureusOrigin and locale/variety: Wide Distribution, Lake Malawi, East Africa

Size: Adults are usually 3.5 to 5.5 inches in aquarium environment.

Sex differences: Males obtain a brilliant blue with light edging on the fins. Females are silver and black.

Aquarium behavior: Copadichromis azureus is a very undemanding cichlid. In the aquarium, they thrive in Malawi community set-ups and are not difficult to breed. The fish accepts most any environment that has gravel/sand, rocks, and even live plants.

Aquarium diet: C. azureus readily accept most foods: flakes, frozen, pellets, and live. A combination of flakes and frozen food is recommended.

Observed spawning habits: Males will display for female's attention. A male will normally construct a simple nest against a rock and put on an elaborate show for the female and whoever else wants to watch. Courting rituals are somewhat passive and very rarely result in injury.

Other information: This fish has been sold in the United States for many years as Copadichromis chrysonotus. C. chrysonotus is actually a completely different fish which is not nearly as common as C. azureus.



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