Ophthalmotilapia nasuta "Kipili Gold"

Ophthalmotilapia nasuta "Kipili Gold"Origin and locale/variety: Sumbu Bay--Zambia, Lake Tanganyika, East Africa

Size: Adults are usually 4.0 to 5.0 inches in aquarium environment.

Sex differences: Males exhibit bright orange/yellow coloration with elongated ventral fins tipped with yellow lapets. A characteristic large, elongated black nose will appear on the adult males. The females range from silver to light yellow depending upon mood. Females may also show elongated ventral fins and nose.

Aquarium behavior: Ophthalmotilapia nasuta is a popular aquarium fish. . Ophthalmotilapia can be kept in either community set-ups or single species aquaria. In the community environment, their keeper will quickly know where the dominant male decides to call home. A fairly large aquarium is recommended, as they are somewhat territorial. This fish is active and spends much time and energy showing off to conspecifics. We have kept this fish in pairs, as well as colonies. They thrive either way. This fish has spawned on sand, as well as gravel.

Aquarium diet: O. ventralis readily accept most foods: flakes, frozen, pellets, and live. A combination of flakes, frozen, and live is recommended.

Observed spawning habits: The dominant male entices females into his territory (normally a depression in the substrate). She will enter when she is ready to spawn. She will lay her eggs and the males will begin the fertilization process. As the male is fertilizing them, she picks them up to begin a mouthbrooding session that can last up to a month.

Other information: Ophthalmotilapia nasuta "Kipili Gold" has been recently imported in fairly large numbers to satisfy high demands.



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