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Placidochromis sp. "Electra superior"

One of the most splendid looking species from Lake Malawi is this new discovery from extremely deep water at Mandalawi. Males have a really strong yellow to orange coloration with very dark features on chest and belly. Fins are all bright yellow, with a black trim in dorsal fin and black edges in tail fin. Head is bright metallic blue. Females are light beige with yellow ventral fins.

Metriaclima sp. "Deep water"

Also from the deepest region of Mandalawi comes this slender mbuna with a black and neon blue coloration. Tail fin is yellow as well as the trim in dorsal fin.
Another population of this species exist at Sambia Reef and another one at Chuwa. Both of those two populations are very small and specimens from them have never been exported.

Labidochromis sp. "Perlmutt - Mandalawi"

Rhoade's Perlmutt is a very elegant variety of the well-known Labidochromis sp. "Perlmutt". This new variety from Mandalawi has a snow white dorsal fin, a slightly turquoise coloured tail fin, and a soft violet purple hue on head and side. Males have several bright yellow egg spots in anal fin, and some males in dorsal fin as well.
Mylochromis sp. "Colourflame - Mandalawi".

This is a very peaceful species that sparkles in blue, green and orange. On Mandalawi it feels at home in the intermediate zone at very deep water from 60 to 100 meters. Specimens are seen only solitarily.

Aquaria Collection of the Fish of Mandalawi - Page 1
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