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Survey and Collection of the Fish of Mandalawi - Page 5

Placidochromis milomo at Mandalawi is rather common in sight. Males do not seem to have any territory but are instead constantly moving through the rocky habitat. Males on picture are both 30 cm in size. Another very common species at Mandalawi; Nimbochromis polystigma. This is the only species from the genus Nimbochromis that is present at this old deep water habitat, which may indicate that both N linni and N livinstonii are descendents from Nimbochromis polystigma.

After nearly two weeks of carefully bringing the collecting cage from bottom to surface, the fish will now be moved from cage to tanks in the boat. Thereafter the carriage will be heading for shore, which is about 90 minutes travel. A very colourful new mbuna discovered at Mandalawi; Cynotilapia sp. "Blue & blue". Males are purple black with silvery shining stripes, and females are light purple with a bright blue sparkle dorsal fin. Juveniles are all purple with a crystal blue dorsal fin. Final decompression stop before breaking the surface; 20 minutes at 3 meters depth.

Copadichromis borleyi "Mandalawi" shows a very strong goldish coloration. Dusk visability at 60 meters at Mandalawi. In the foreground a Cynotilapia sp. "Blue & blue".

Survey and Collection of the Fish of Mandalawi - Page 5
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