Terms and Conditions
Effective 5-20-2000

        Live delivery is guaranteed on air freight shipments from Armke's Rare Aquarium Fish (ARAF) unless 1) carrier is at fault; 2) there are unusual and undue shipping delays over which ARAF has no control; or 3) carrier fails to deliver shipment to destination within 24 hours of dropoff time. However, ARAF, with proper notice either verbal or written, reserves the right to cancel and nullify this live delivery guarantee in special conditions, such as certain international shipments, etc. In case of undue or other carrier failure, a claim must be filed directly with the responsible carrier or courier. Any DOA losses must be confirmed by the carrier or courier and ARAF must be notified of DOAs on the date of arrival. Warranty is void if shipment is not claimed within two hours of arrival. ARAF reserves the right to either replace or credit DOAs solely at its discretion. Any credit due will be given on future orders. No fish will be replaced if death is due to negligence on the part of customers or carriers. Orders are sent on a prepaid basis. Prices are subject to change without notice. Packing charge is $5.00 per box unless specifically waived. Heat packs are $1.00 each if needed. Note: Live delivery is not guaranteed on any alternate methods of delivery unless warranty is specified at the time of order.
        In situations where--through no fault of ARAF or the carrier--an order or any portion of an order is cancelled or otherwise refused by the customer AFTER the order has been processed, bagged, boxed and delivered to a carrier, the following charges shall be assessed to the customer: 1) any freight/carrier charges which might have been incurred, 2) all applicable box/packing charges, 3) all applicable heat pack charges, and 4) a restocking charge on all returned items equal to 25 per cent of the amount actually invoiced for the items.
        In any and all cases not specifically waived in advance, customer shall be responsible for the entire cost of shipping his order, whether such shipment is made via air freight or via any of the various forms of door-to-door service.
        Once paid for, no item--including but not limited to live fish--may be deleted from an order or substituted for by the buyer. However, items may be added to an order if available. (Note: Reason for this is that items are reserved for a customer at time of payment and are not afterwards offered for sale.)

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