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James, email cardonej@cleanharbors.com
"FYI, Just got 10 new arrivals this morning. All healthy and awesome looking. Thanks again to Toby for the recommendations." (1-7-04)

Curtis, email clw3864@sbcglobal.net
"Dear Armke's, my name is Curtis. My wife, 3 boys and myself were in your showroom last New Years Eve. We were in your area visiting. We bought 2 fish and you bagged them for a long trip. We were not going back until late the next day. We had car trouble and did not get home until about 4am Friday morning. So the fish were in the bags for about 38 hours. We were worried that they would not make it but they did and are doing very well. They are eating great and seem to be settling in to their new tank quiet well." (1-1-04)

Geraldo, email gerryslp@hotmail.com
"I was looking through your price list and noticed the price you have for lwanda and ngara males. I previously bought makes of these species from you and they turned out to be spectacular." (12-31-03)

Gregory, email ghssears@msn.com
"Just wanted to thank you and tell you that all of the fish made it here and look great. You truly live up to your great reputation." (12-31-03)

Scott, email spresty@comcast.net
Great Job!! I took a day off from work and at 10:30 am, in the snow wind and cold my order arrived. Great packing job! 29 fish and not one problem! They all look great in their various new homes. Needless to say I am very pleased. Thanks again it seems like you have a great company!" (12-2-03)

Claudio, email claudiowen@rogers.com
"This is Claudio Wen. I just wanted to let you know that all the fish arrived in good condition as you said they would and that I'm happy with how all the fish looked. I want to thank you and your staff for taking care of me and I'll definitely be calling you again for some more fish. Thanks." (11-11-03)

Jim, email cardonej@cleanharbors.com
"Folks, just received my shipment, pair of Red Top Kimpuna and pair of Demasoni Pombo Rocks, and I have to say these fish are awesome. They are in great shape and nicer looking than any fish of these species that I have found in local stores. Thanks Toby for the recommendations." (11-7-03)

Kent, email kentc64@earthlink.net
"Just wanted to let you know how pleased I was with the last order you sent me, Great fish!"

Scott, email scottbilinski@hotmail.com
"I just received my second shipment from you guys and just wanted to take the time to thank you for your excellent service. When I called to place my order you said the Aulonocara baenschi "Benga Yellow" were unsexed and I ordered two hoping to get a male, and I received my shipment with a remark verifying that you had included a male. This is the best customer service ever!!! I will never purchase fish from anywhere else and will be sure to spread the word about Armke's!!! Thanks guys!!!" (10-29-03)

Jason, email Jason.brazzon@verizon.net
"I recently purchased a group of fish from you (8 x Small F1 Otopharynx lithobates Zimbawe Rock 8 x Small F1 Copadichromis sp. "Mioto Midnight" & 8 x Small F1 Aulnocara stuartgranti Ngara Flametail), and received shipment last Friday @ 12 p.m. Just wanted to thank you for the fast shipping, the outstanding packaging and the friendliness I received from you personally on the phone. All fish arrived healthy and I couldn't resist to give them a lil' treat (100% spirulina flake) after the bags adjusted to the water temperature and I put them in the aquarium. All fish remain healthy, are doing great and eating well. Thanks again Keegan, I look forward to doing business with you in the future! " (10-6-03)

Chiu, email chiu@cl-iq.com
     "It was a pleasure. I must commend you on the service that I received from Toby and Lindsey. As always, the fish I received from you are doing well and are looking great! I look forward to seeing your new store when it opens in January." (9-29-2003)

Bob, email bobbdd@comcast.net

    "Just wanted to get your attention! I have purchased fish from you several times and each and every time, all I can say is THANK YOU! I just received my Burundi Frontosa gang today and they are all beautiful specimens and eating and happy. They were as promised, packed perfectly and arrived on time and save. So, you've done it again, Armkes.....and I thought I'd let you know!" (9-20-2003)

Bill, email williambvoll@aol.com

    "My Tricotis and German Reds showed up today and were all fine. Great packing job. I look forward to doing business in the future." (9-16-2003)

Bob, email popland@webtv.net

     "The fish arrived this morning safe and sound and again I am very pleased with the quality and I would like to add a special thanks to Toby for all his help in answering my questions and giving me his expert advise. You are fortunate to have someone like him in your employ." (8-22-2003)

Debbie, email debbieb@stic.net

     "I will buy fish and other supplies from you only. I am very spoiled with the selection you have." (8-20-2003)

Bob, email popland@webtv.net

  "I wanted to thank you for the extra fish, and to let you know that I am very pleased. I am sure I will be ordering from you again. in the future. Thought you might want to know that when they arrived the outside box was very wet. I immediately opened it and pulled the bags out because the styrofoam was all broken up. I found the bag that was broken and luckily there was just enough water left to keep the fish alive. Had they been delivered a little later in the day it would have "dead" fish. Thanks again for the quality fish." (8-7-2003)

Lou, email midgett@mail.bbc.net
   "At 8:30 PM August 6 my cyprichromis whatever type spawned in my 90 gallon tank. It was quite a surprise!" (8-6-2003)

Lou, email midgett@mail.bbc.net

     "The fish arrived by 11:00 Friday morning. Outstanding fish ABD the four I put in the thirty gallon tank are feeding all ready. The catfish are beautiful. Thank you!" (8-1-2003)

Jake, email jakek@optonline.net
     "I just wanted to let you know that the Z Rock I got last week is awesome. The othr fish I got are great as well." (7-30-2003)

David, email david.vanderlinden@cyberonics.com
     "Thanks on the deal for the Tropheus Ilangi, they are doing fabulous in the 6 foot tank. I think I only have 3 males and they are shaking like no tomorrow. I suspect 3 females are packing, many more have their tubes down." (7-30-2003)

Hodaka, email kyoshospd@comcast.net

     "My pair of Altolamprologus compressiceps Kasakalawe "yellow" and 8 Julidochromis marlieri Burundi have arrived safely to my door. I was pleased at your packaging techniques (1 fish per bag). However, one of the bags a Julie was in was broken and he was swimming in a tiny bit of water...yet he was alive!!! In any case, this purchase was very pleasing and worth the money. I will definitely be back and will refer you to many." (7-29-2003)

Ronnie, ronniecotter606@msn.com

     "Hello this is Ronnie Cotter I ordered 4 female peacocks from u yesterday and just got them at 9:00 AM today. They look great. Hope to order more fish from u in the future thanks for the great looking fish." (7-15-2003)

Scott, email sfoltz@norwood.com

     "Well I got my fish on Friday and as always, they looked great. I got them into the tanks and they didn't even appear stressed. I was a little surprised by how small the Petricola Cats and the Dubosi are but boy are they cute." (6-30-2003)

James, email jfalconi@tampabay.rr.com
     "I wanted to say Thank You! QUALITY, SERVICE and GREAT PRICES is what makes you STAND OUT from the rest. You have an unbelievable stock list, and I have ordered several times from you, and have been in awe each time. I cannot wait till my next order." (2-21-03)

Doug, email brel@ptd.net
     "I wanted to tell you the flavus were great!!!!! The packaging was very good they didn't even look like they traveled... GREAT!!!!!!!!!" (2-21-03)

Byron, email byron@fmcberne.com
     "I love the fish that you sent me they look great. Some of them are even trying to spawn already!" (2-20-03)

     "Just letting you know I received my fish in excellent condition. I would also like to say thank you for the extra Lamp. meleagris. I'm gonna give you guys a good review on Cichlid Forum and tell everyone how you go out of your way to satisfy your customers." (2-19-03)

Angela, email ketsuko@kc.rr.com
     "I ordered my fish last week and they arrived about pretty much right on time Thursday evening as scheduled. They all arrived alive and healthy; everyone's eating like horses. Even in the 30g holding tank, the two male furcifer are starting to color up nicely. I can't wait for their permanent home to finish cycling (almost finished I'm just not satisfied it's stable yet) so they can spread out and really start to feel at home. Thanks for the time and trouble, for my first mail order fish experience, it was quick and easy. I will certainly start here for any future shopping!" (2-19-03)

Kathy, email kathleen.ferris@verizon.net
     "Just a note to let you know that all my fish arrived safe and sound today. They were all active as I opened the box and bags. After some acclimation they are all doing great! They seem to enjoy their new homes and were very happy to get a bite to eat. I didn't realize just how adorable the albino plecos are. Hmm may need to get a couple more of those. This was also my first time getting synos. They all look great I was actually surprised at the sizes. A bit bigger than I expected. I can see why people get fascinated by these guys. The peacocks also fit right in. A little shy at first but then busy checking things out. Once again you have made a very satisfied customer." (2-14-03)

Victor, email vmtapassa@hotmail.com
     "All my fish are great, they are already showing colors and are of very high quality. They should start breeding anytime now. I really appreciate the time and guidance that you offered me (special thanks to Sonia!) and I will soon get another aquarium and order again. Take care." (2-12-03) Monterrey, Mexico

Mike, email mike.rhinehart@shawinc.com
     "I received my fish yesterday, all in good health and eager to get out of their bags. All the fish are eating and are starting to brighten up in color. You guys are the best in live delivery, I would rate you guys #1, and recommend you to anyone! I look forward to buying more fish from you. (ARMKES #1)" (2-6-03)

Selo, SeloK@alaron.com
     "I wanted to thank you for the Texas Holey Rock I just purchased. These are unavailable in the Chicago area, and are, in my opinion, the ideal setup for the little Tanganyikan cichlids I will be keeping. I purchased a total of 4 semi-large pieces and the 2 that Keegan picked out for me are phenomenal and exactly the size I was looking for. I will be letting the tank cycle for a while and should start purchasing fish soon. Once again, thanks for all your assistance and the quick responses to my emails." (2-6-03)

Christian, email cray@sulfur.scs.uiuc.edu
     "Just wanted to thank you for supplying me with these fish! The multi's arrived here on time and in great shape! Couldn't have asked for better selection or service. Thanks again." (2-5-03)

Ed, email adossantos01@snet.net
     "I just received my first order today with your company and I was very happy with my purchase. All the fish arrived in great condition and they look very healthy. I was particularly happy with the Placidochromis phenochilus, the show male that was part of the group is impressive in blue color. Also the Cyathopharynx furcifer arrived in great condition. They're still too young to show any color but I guess that's part of the hobby...waiting for them to mature. Thanks again for your service and I look forward to ordering again." (1-31-03)

Matt, email willias14@hotmail.com
     "I picked up my package at fedex today. I just wanted to notify you everything arrived alive and healthy! Thankx for the timely service, it was a pleasure doing business with you." (1-29-03)

Lorne, email LRinkel@gov.mdrockyview.ab.ca
     "I have ordered 6 times now from Armkes and have only lost 1 fish (out of 91) due to a broken bag. I can assure you that if you are looking for top quality fish that are not genetically watered down, then this is the way and place to go. You are not likely to find the quality of fish anywhere else, and when they say F0 or F1, F2 etc. that is what you will get. I have found that the colors and "lines" of these pure strain fish to be so vastly better than LSB that it makes you ill thinking about how you got burned on all the LSB fish and their crazy prices. I live in North West Canada and was initially quite worried about the airlines, travel time etc. While there are no guarantees with delivery services, I have had great success with a 48 hour delivery time and awesome packaging of the orders by Armkes. Here in Canada, I have had to pay an additional $35.00 'landing/brokerage fee' and aplicable sales tax and that is it. When I average the total cost per fish, I find it much cheaper than LSB and way better quality (you have to order enough at one time to make it worth while though). To sum up, I now sell my fry to local pet stores as they cannot get fish anywhere near as good as I provide from Armkes pure strains." (1-20-03) Alberta, Canada

Obed, email omensa@hearstsc.com
     "I just received my replacement fishes and they all came in okay. They look very good. I am very happy with my order. Thanks for everything. You will definitely be hearing from me again soon." (1-15-03)

Joe, email joehorgan@sbcglobal.net
     "Recent shipment of A. compressiceps, P. nigripinnis and N. ocellatus, is exceptional in every way. The fish are all generously sized and in obvious robust health. The packaging was excellent and I have NEVER had new fish acclimate so well and so rapidly." (1-9-03)

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