What Our Customers Say About Us

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Joyce, e-mail elaine29@aol.com
     "My fish arrived alive and well...again. Thank you so much." (12-28-00)

Matt, e-mail mhuss1@home.com
     "Keegan all 30 Tropheus and 2 fronts arrived in perfect health and they look great. Thanks for being so helpful, I will recommend you to my friends." (12-27-00)

Ward, e-mail kellypets@hotmail.com
     "Just a quick note letting you guys know that all the fish we got were in excellent condition as usual." (12-27-00)

Scott, e-mail meunierkids@juno.com
     "Keegan, everything arrived in great shape, thanks for everything." (12-23-00)

Brent, e-mail bdbutler@mailroom.com
     "I just wanted to let you know that I received my order Tuesday night as arranged. All the fish arrived warm and healthy. You can count me as a happy customer." (12-15-00)

Voytek, e-mail VKulesza@scotforge.com
     "Merry Christmas to you and all. The O. boops got here in excellent condition. I was impressed with the size. Thank you very much." (12-13-00)

John, e-mail DBTopher@aol.com
     "Just a quick note to let you know that the demasoni and flavus arrived safely. In great shape as usual. You guys can sure pack a fish!! Great service from you as always, I really appreciate it." (11-29-00)

Mason, e-mail romaine12@aol.com
     "Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that the fish arrived on time today. All are doing just fine and look really great! A dominate Green Terror male is establishing his territory, while a dominate male Lupota is flashing the females with his colors lit up!" (11-29-00)

Stephen, e-mail stephenh@1hammond.com
     "The plants (various anubias species) look great, actually fantastic!" (11-29-00)

Juan, e-mail bearmaker1@aol.com
     "Those N. calliurus are truly giant!! I have never seen them before today; if I only knew this before I would have bought a whole colony." (11-22-00)

Jon, e-mail jkurtz17@home.com
     "I got my fish last night. First, major props on the packing of the F0 frontosa I ordered. They are bigger and more beautiful than I ever could have imagined. They are adjusting very nicely to their new home and I already fed them this morning and they were eating like pigs. Thanks so much...and when I get a bigger tank I will certainly be coming back for more frontosas. I am telling everyone about yall...." (11-17-00)

Harvey, e-mail haleigh1998@cs.com
     "The wild caught Mpimbwes (frontosa) are absolutely awesome. The show male is really showing off his colors in the 240. All six are doing extremely well and have adapted to the aquarium. They immediately started eating. I have turned the 240 into my show tank, and 90% of the fish are from your facility. Keep up the good work, and as usual I will order again." (11-9-00)

Helen, e-mail hhastings@amtech.com
     "The Lamprologus speciosus pair I bought from you in September have been secretive...yesterday when I got home from work I was surprised and excited to see +/- 8 fry beside the female's favorite shell!" (11-8-00)

Randy, e-mail schanam@scottsbluff.net
     "I got the Congo black fins, and the Zambia blacks, I just want to say they are doing great and they are good looking fish, thank you again, we'll do business later." (11-1-00)

Harvey, e-mail haleigh1998@cs.com
     "I received the shipment Friday. As usual, your word is good as gold. The daffodil are gorgeous (very yellow), the Mwela compressiceps is awesome, and the Congo calvus are very nice. Thanks for the nice shipment." (10-29-00)

Lee, e-mail aricinc@clark.net
     "Just wanted to let you know, the chromogynos F1's you sent have already colored up and bred twice for us to date. Great fish!.....those Eretmodus you sent us are freaking breeding machines! We're working on our fourth spawn right now, and they seem to keep churning them out as we strip at the start of the fourth week. You really sell the best stock, Keegan! We'll be buying from you many years to come, I promise. I tell everyone about your operation, too. It's the least I can do, in return for all you've done for us." (10-24-00)

Christopher, e-mail christopoher.w.harris@usa.conoco.com
     "Man, these fish are great.....Looks as if I will be seeing you again soon so till then thanks again and keep up the good work!" (10-23-00)

Ace, e-mail arline@aol.com
     "The meleagris are really obnoxiously cute fish! Within a few hours of their release, they all had staked out their own shell and were guarding their territory as if they had lived there forever. This was amazing considering their long flight!" (10-22-00)

Mike, e-mail marine@ctc.com
     "Hope this finds you and yours well. I received the order last Thursday and everything was great. The centerpiece (holey rock) and everything else is outstanding! Thank you." (10-17-00)

Earle, e-mail ekmoore2@netzero.net
     "We received the four demasoni this morning and they are now installed in a new home. They seem not to have suffered from the trip (the packaging was impressive) and.....Thank you for your help and congratulations on a fine organization." (10-17-00)

Vince, e-mail vmounts@mindspring.com
     "My fish arrived last night. All living :) and quite beautiful. The picture on the site of the German Red doesn't do it justice at all. It is an amazing fish. Thanks a bunch." (10-7-00)

Wane, e-mail waikele_dude@yahoo.com
     "Fish all arrived safe and sound. The O. nasuta Kasanga "Blue Neon" were in great shape. (Honolulu, Hawaii)" (10-2-00)

Jason, e-mail ezjase@juno.com
     "BTW, my fish are fine, and I am very happy with them! I look forward to doing business again with you. The next time you hear from me, it will be another order." (10-1-00)

Brian, e-mail brianren@peoplepc.com
     "All the fish arrived in great shape with no problems. I will certainly order again!" (9-29-00)

Juan, e-mail bearmaker1@aol.com
     "Magnificent specimens!!! The Paralabidochromis chromogynos from Zue Is. are truly show quality. All eating well. All the other pairs were excellent as well." (9-20-00)

Helen, e-mail hhastings@amtech.com
     "The N. brevis and L. speciosus pairs arrived safely yesterday afternoon. Within 5 minutes of release into the tank, the older speciosus pair had already set up housekeeping--had their shells staked out and were ready to rock and roll. All four fish are healthy and beautiful. They showed absolutely no effects of being bagged, boxed, and flown for hours. You are at top of my list for future purchases of hard-to-find shell dwellers and I will recommend Armke's to my friends. Thanks!" (9-20-00)

Harvey, e-mail hethomas@arrow.com
     "I received the shipment last night, and the box was badly damaged: however, all fish are perfect. You did a good job packaging this order because the carrier truly damaged this box. The gracilis are gorgeous. As usual, keep up the good work." (9-19-00)

Ryan, e-mail rve01@mnic.net
     "Thanks so much for another great order! High quality is an understatement for what you send. The fish arrived in great condition and most were even in full color in the bag. I am looking forward to more orders in the future. Thanks." (9-3-00)

John, e-mail DBTopher@aol.com
     "Hey guys, I wanted to drop you an e-mail to let you know that the 6 petricolas that I purchased from you about a year and a half ago have bred and had babies. So far I have found 4 of them. I keep them housed in a 200 gal. tank with 27 Tropheus Illangi and a dozen or so Cyp. Blue Flash that I bought from you also. I didn't try and do this, just have kept up with the water quality and such. They are great little characters! I thought you would be interested in hearing about this. Thanks again, I am still enjoying the fish I bought from you and now with even more added interest." (8-30-00)

John, e-mail jmm517@hotmail.com
     "The trio of Champsochromis are absolutely spectacular. The male is showing great color....To be honest with you, more than I expected. You were right about their breeding activity. They've been "at it" since the moment they acclimated. They're the perfect size, too. I have them in a bare (no rock), sand-bottomed, 180 gal. tank with a pair of Aristochromis christyi, and a pair of Fossorochromis rostratus (both of which I also purchased from you). They are all active swimmers. It is a beautiful open-water habitat tanks....Thanks to you. And again, it goes without saying that you did a marvelous job with the packing and shipping aspect as well. Talk to you soon." (8-20-00)

Marty, e-mail T2BEARSSS@aol.com
     "I want to thank you for the great advice you gave me, about breeding my beautiful wild caught "Kekese melanogenys" you just sent me a short 3 months ago! What a treat to finally pull fourteen healthy babies from the females mouth. Thank's again for the help and for all the great fish orders you've sent me." (8-19-00)

Wane, e-mail waikele_dude@yahoo.com
     "All the fish arrived alive and well! (Honolulu, Hawaii)" (8-7-00)

Karl, e-mail vermillion.10@osu.edu
     "Just to let you know, the fish arrived last night and look great! They all appear to be healthy happy fish of good size, and with good behavior. Thanks!" (8-2-00)

Keith, e-mail MrRepublic@aol.com
     "All the Tropheus arrived in perfect health. Thank you for yet another excellent job." (7-31-00)

Juan, e-mail bearmaker1@aol.com
     "The fish came in, as always, very healthy and well adapted. Thank you for the extra fish." (7-29-00)

Tracy, e-mail Tracy.Showalter@Tampa-g.com
     "The fish arrived right on time. Everything was as advertised. I am very happy with my fish!!!" (7-29-00)

Mason, e-mail Romaine12@aol.com
     "Just wanted to drop you a note thanking you very much for the Tropheus. All arrived at 9:30 PM tonight and are O.K.!! All arrived in great shape and are swimming around and acclimatizing to their new surroundings. They are the nicest Tropheus I have seen or had. I will certainly recommend you to all of my friends!! I really do appreciate your help and promptness in shipping the order. Thanks a million!!!!!!" (7-26-00)

Harvey, e-mail haleigh1998@cs.com
     "I received the frontosa last night. As usual, your word is as good as gold because they are absolutely gorgeous. I have a lot of friends that are just dying to order from you because of the service. I recommend you to anyone looking to purchase African Cichlids. I really do appreciate the honesty and helpful hints that you gave me. Keep up the good work!!! I am placing another order next week." (7-25-00)

Greg, e-mail gleister@noln.com
     "The quality of the fish I received is excellent. All fish were alive, healthy and exactly as specified. Your service very much exceeded my expectations. The shipment was exactly what you said it would be, and was delivered exactly when you said it would be. The amount of time you gave me on the phone was much appreciated, it felt great to get accurate, clear information without being rushed off the phone(over 1/2 hour), especially when you weren't even sure I was going to purchase anything. Just to let you know the fish you sent are doing well, Thanks. (click for photo)" (7-14-00)

John, e-mail john@libros.andante.mn.org
     "I am nothing but impressed with your professionalism and the quality of your fish and the shipping experience. I am an active member of the Minnesota Aquarium Society as well as a participant in many lists and newsgroups devoted to cichlids. This is my first adventure with Rift Lake Cichlids and you have helped me a lot. I will relate that experience to others every chance I get." (7-11-00)

Keith, e-mail cincodemayo62@juno.com
     "Just a quick line to let you know that all of the fish that we ordered for our small independent pet store arrived safe and sound, even though the flight didn't arrive until 11:40 PM our time, and one bag had a severe leak caused by some rough baggage handlers! The "Purple Marmalade Cats" were so awesome that I bought them from our store for my own tank at home! The "Lion's Cove polits are all ready "fired up" and breeding in our store tanks. And the Bright Orange Compressiceps are out of this world! Thanks again for selling such wonderful looking fish that look exactly like what you show on your web site photo's." (6-25-00)

Keith, e-mail MrRepublic@aol.com
     "All the fish arrived alive and healthy. Thank you once again for a great job." (6-20-00)

Doug, e-mail Dvn@capdale.com
     "Due to storms in our area....we did not get the fish into our tanks at home until 2:30 today--about 16 hours later than expected. As of right now, everyone is alive and kicking. You are as good as your word. Thanks. I'll be back for more fish." (6-16-00)

James, e-mail JPr5003286@aol.com
     "I received all my fish alive and well. I was pleasantly surprised by the size and color of the Alto. Mwela ....all the fish are healthy and doing great. Thanks for another great shipment." (6-15-00)

Ryan, e-mail rve01@mnic.net
     "Received fish last night after they arrived. Other than one small DOA, all of the fish were great! Way better than expected. Thanks so much. Will be looking forward to another order!" (6-12-00)

Bryan, e-mail bryan_taylor@phonedir.com
     "Thank you for the beautiful fish. I am so happy to have found your website. You have no idea how hard it is in this area to find quality cichlids, and yours are some of the healthiest and best looking I have seen in years. I look forward to doing business with your again. I will certainly recommend you to anyone who is interested in high quality cichlids." (6-12-00)

Chris, e-mail CGLAX247@aol.com
     "All six of the P. nyererei Python Island arrived this morning in exceptional condition as always. Thanks." (6-9-00)

Andrea, e-mail aelieson@excite.com
     "...The fish arrived last Monday in good order. I was impressed by your packing job! Thanks so much." (6-5-00)

Patricia, e-mail Bearette2@aol.com
     "Of all the beautiful, gorgeous species you have available, I believe Keegan is the most beautiful of all." (5-30-00)

Scott, e-mail Scott.Bryant@56MGD.LUKE.AF.MIL
     "I received my fish last night in excellent condition. They seem to be doing fine this morning. Thanks a lot."(5-26-00)

Craig, e-mail cswerdloff@247media.com
     "The fish came yesterday and are in great shape. Thanks again." (5-24-00)

Mike, e-mail crossland24@webtv.net
     "I am writing in regards to my fish order on 5/17 to Ablilene. I love the order. (some) were a little smaller than expected, but I love them just the same. I appreciate the quality of the fish as I have seen fish orders go bad. I wasn't able to receive the fish right away, so they sat in a mail room for three hours before I picked them up. They were all strong and healthy and very alive, so again thank you. I don't see myself ordering from anyone else in the future." (5-22-00)

Lee, e-mail staff@aricinc.org
     "I just wanted to touch base with you to let you know the fish all arrived safely and intact....that lemon jake male you sent is especially lovely and seems driven to court anything with fins in the tank! Obviously, we couldn't be happier with the order. We just wanted you to know how much we appreciate your efforts to get us what we wanted. We'll definitely be coming back to you again." (5-20-00)

Seweryn, e-mail bialasie@ucsu.Colorado.EDU
     "All of the fish arrived without a scratch and are now happily residing in my aquariums. Thank you for walking me through the mail order fish process...." (5-17-00)

Harvey, e-mail haleigh1998@cs.com
     "I want to thank you for the Mpimbwe Blue Frontosas. They are gorgeous, and I am the envy of all my friends. They were everything you said they were and more. The Synodontis brichardi is already actively swimming around the tank, and it seems as if it is right at home in my 150. Again, thank you for your honesty, and I really do appreciate your help." (5-11-00)

Keith, e-mail cincodemayo62@juno.com
     "Just a quick note thanking you guys for the fantastic-looking African cichlids you sent to us at our pet store here in Everett, Washington. Kelly's Puppies & Pets is a small independent full-service pet store that really tries hard to compete with the local and national pet store chains by keeping our prices down as much as possible and by providing high quality fish, animals and products along with good, honest and reliable service... Our African cichlid sales have jumped by at least 50% since we have been ordering from you guys, and they now make up nearly half of our fish sales on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. We here at Kelly's (Keith, Ward and Kimberly) would like to take a minute to personally thank you both, for not only selling what you actually offer on your web site pictures, but for your very high quality stock of African cichlids that you supply to us 'fish people' all over the world. Keep up the good work." (5-10-00)

Glenn, e-mail kingcat@kua.net
     "Thank you for the excellent quality of cichlids that you have shipped to me the past several months. Your fish are superior to all the retail outlets I have been to here in Florida. I will definitely do my business with you in the future." (5-10-00)

Kevin and Paula, e-mail landdeck@wco.com
     "Thanks for the recent shipment. All 11 fish arrived in Oakland alive and swimming! ...Everything was first-rate: the fish were well-packed and warm. It was really a pleasant purchasing experience." (5-8-00)

Dinyar, e-mail lalkaka@bellatlantic.net
     "The Synodontis you shipped yesterday arrived this morning at 10 a.m. All were alive and well. Your packing and shipping arrangements were again excellent." (5-2-00)

Bruce, e-mail motorbruce@hotmail.com
     "The seven fish you sent me last week are doing great. They seem to be enjoying their new home, and all appear healthy. Thanks for making the whole process so fun, easy and satisfying." (4-26-00)

Keith, e-mail MrRepublic@aol.net
     "All the fish arrived alive and in perfect health. Once again, ARAF has done an excellent job. Thank you very much!" (4-22-00)

Mark, e-mail jscott@wordfm.com
     "Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! My fish arrived miraculously Friday evening (4-7) and are in great shape! The flight was apparently late getting into Cincy., and...my best friend went to get the fish, and long story short, sort of...I have the coolest fish in the world! The fish have settled in well and are quickly adjusting to the extremely varied diet I offer them. I will most certainly be ordering again becauseyou guys were an absolute pleasure to deal with on the phone (I felt like I was at my favorite pet store!) and your service was second to none. Thank you and God bless!" (4-9-00)

James, e-mail peckja@netzero.net
     "I just wanted to say thanks, the fish came in as scheduled and when I opened the box everything looked great and they are doing well." (4-5-00)

Cindy, e-mail vannc@netscape.net
     "Just wanted to drop a quick note to let you know that the shipment arrived fine and was in at 5:30 my time. The bag of Cyp. Black Bee actually had a hole in it, but there was still plenty of water in the bag and the fish were fine. I was VERY pleased to see how large the Ventralis were and hope that you'll get more Cyatho. foai in soon. I look forward to doing business with you again in the future." (4-4-00)

Mike and Tammy, e-mail FITTS518@prodigy.net
     "Thanks very much for the great fish. All of them got here in good shape. The Aulonocara sp. 'Lwanda Redtop' is absolutely gorgeous...We were very satisfied with your prompt service. We've ordered over the internet before and waited forever just for a response. Your quick response was much appreciated." (4-3-00)

Gene, e-mail bahlinge@velocity.com
     "The rocks arrived last Friday. It was like Xmas...every one wrapped carefully in foam. It was fun unwrapping each one, one at a time. Right now they are lined up in my living room waiting to be put into their new homes. Tell me the truth about these rocks...don't they come round and smooth and you chain Keegan in the backyard with a hammer and chisel adding texture and holes. If so, he does a great job. These rocks are EXCITING! Never throught I would order rocks from Texas over the internet, but I'm glad I did. Thanks for the 20 pounds extra also...that was unexpected and appreciated." (3-31-00)

Chad, e-mail kremper@erols.com
     "This is the first chance I've gotten to thank you for the fish. They are awesome! The tank has reached its max. All fish seem to be getting along and no deaths! Thanks again for the excellent service! I would never buy from anyone else!" (3-28-00)

Harvey, e-mail hethomas@arrow.com
     "Let me start by saying thank you for the shipment that I received today. The frontosas are in great shape. They are beautiful, and I will recommend you guys to all my friends. I will be placing a larger order next week. Keep up the good work." (3-27-00)

Simon, e-mail Simon.Crafts@pil.com.au
     "I am very pleased with the shipment of catfish (Syn. angelicus and Syn. decorus) I received from you -- excellent health, very well packaged (much better than other fish I have had delivered)." (3-23-00)

Donna, e-mail dbudro@sunsix.infi.net
     "My fish are doing wonderfully. I haven't lost a one! And...my Flametail released 18 babies six weeks ago and is holding again! I just wanted to let you know how happy I am how great they are all doing." (3-19-00)

Gatour, e-mail BayouLzrd@aol.com
     "I made 'for me' a fairly large order several weeks ago and was extremely happy with the professional way my entire order was packed and shipped. I am more than happy to announce a 100% survival rate, and extremely satisfied with the condition and quality of the individual fish. Y'all have now filled three of my tanks (55, 55, 90) and I'm working on cycling a 125 and 185 for y'all to help fill, too. Bravo Zulu on a job well done." (3-12-00)

Fred, e-mail scubaemt@hotmail.com
     "Just wanted to share with all the people out on the web that you guys are the BEST when it come to african cichlids. You did it again, all 23 fish made it to NYC just fine. Had a little scare but just as you said they are
all fine. Keep up the GREAT work." (3-12-00)

Kimberly, e-mail HoffmanDwh55@aol.com
     "I just wanted to let you know the fish came just fine. They arrived the next morning due to a flight change, but all in good health. I am very pleased. Thank you. Will be ordering again, that is for certain." (3-8-00)

John, e-mail jmm517@hotmail.com
     "I received the fish last night....All are in great shape....Only one word can describe the Mloto fluorescent pair--'awesome'....The chrystiis are amazing as well....Thanks for the personal service....It was really appreciated....You'll be hearing from me soon as I am cycling a 90-gal. corner tank....After 8 years of being strictly Malawi, I think it's time to try some Tanganyika....The featherfins, particularly the Cyathopharynx species are appealing....Thanks for another job well done." (3-8-00)

Scott, e-mail meunierkids@juno.com
     "Happier than a pig in poop with this order...I wasn't sure about the cats but am very happy with them, especially the larger more yellow fish, quite beautiful. The male christyi is a lot more active now, not hiding like before. Thanks for another great order." (3-8-00)

Andrew, e-mail alogue@hastings.edu
     "I picked up the order. All of the fish are alive and doing fine. Thank you." (3-7-00)

Marv, e-mail marvinvb@netins.net
     "Thanks for picking out my Synodontis catfish. They all arrived safely after 24 hours in transit. Look forward to doing business with you again in the near future." (3-1-00)

Ben, e-mail mwillson@dmv.com
     "I just received the fish order I placed with you. Your packing was very professional with 100% survival. Your fish came through almost 24 hours of travel time with no visible stress. Also I must compliment you on the size, color, and most importantly, supplying 'exactly' the species I wanted. Too many times in the past I have ordered from other suppliers and received substituted species that were similar. You can look forward to me recommending you to all my friends in the hobby" (2-29-00)

Juan, e-mail BEARMAKER1@aol.com
     "Just to let you know about an interesting event. Remember the Chromogynos Zue Island you sent me; well, a couple of the females spawned and I placed them with a couple of Tropheus duboisi Maswa females that were also holding. After about four days none of the Zue Island females were holding any longer, so I thought that they swallowed their respective fry. To my surprise not only are the Zue Island fry alive and swimming but the Maswa females are holding them. I have never heard nor read about this happening but I am telling you the truth. Incredible!!!" (2-28-00)

Brian, e-mail brian@keyelco.com
     "Just wanted to let you know the last two shipments were perfect, all the fish are very healthy. The two synodontis catfish are awesome. The pair of wild tetracanthus are very nasty, and very cool. Because of the great variety, health, pricing, and ease of doing business with you I've just purchased a larger tank. Keep up the good work." (2-10-00)

Christy, e-mail ringweave@aol.com
     "Thank you for the recent fish order. It was our first and we were very pleased with your service. Our fish arrived in great shape. We will be ordering again soon and will try a larger quantity this time. Thank you." (2-8-00)

Jeremy, e-mail ajdidion@hmcltd.net
     "My fish came to my door this morning, all seven survived. Thanks for your professionalism. You will get my business again." (2-7-00)

Maurica, e-mail fuzzie@itouch.net
     "We sure have enjoyed the green terror Tropheus and Eretmodus cyanostictus 'Kigoma' that we purchased from you. I just wanted to tell you that I have 12 fry from the Eretmodus and 6 from the green terrors! I'm so excited! They're so cute. But listen to this, you know what else has spawned at our house and who is in her barnacle shell right now? It's the Mtosi 'zebra' compressiceps! I have the one female and two males; of course, they're from you, no one else would ever have such rare finds. I might also mention that a pair of beautiful orange compressiceps that I got from you are also fanning eggs in a barnacle at this time. The orange comps have spawned about five times...I can't keep up with the fry. I don't know why, but all the fish I get from you seem to breed like crazy. Anyway, thought you would enjoy knowing what healthy fish these are and how happy we are with them. Thanks again for doing what you do. We really enjoy your fish." (2-4-00)

Brian, e-mail sbldaniels@dellnet.com
     "The fish you sent me have been in my tank for three days and all are doing great. While picking up the fish at the airport we ran into a local pet shop owner who watched as we opened the box to check the fish. Eighteen fish and no DOA after 24-hour trip to North Carolina! The demasoni are brilliantly colored even in the small size. Make sure you keep a good supply of salmon 'Hippo Point' because I'll be ordering again! P.S. the pet shop owner wanted your info." (2-4-00)

Lee, e-mail edmundl1@gateway.net
     "I just wanted to let you know how pleased I was with the fish and the packing. ...have recommended you to some of the local pet shops around here and I hope they will buy some fish from you." (2-2-00)

Aaron, e-mail Aaron.Keyes@relianceinsurance.com
     "I ordered some fish from you...December. I ordered some Paracyprichromis, blue flashes, and some Salmon Hippo Point. All the fish arrived on schedule and all made the trip successfully. The fish are magnificent looking. So far I have used a few suppliers I have found on the Internet. I have found your fish to be of the best quality. The colors of the three species I purchased are incredible. I have also acquired three very nice large pieces of the Texas holey rock. This looks excellent in my show tank, and the fish seem to like them also. Thanks again for your help and in answering questions." (1-27-00)

Jim, e-mail JSchmidt@interpersonalcircle.com
     "...after several days, all the fish that made it are getting bigger and fatter and seem to be settling in just fine. Thanks again. I'll be sure to recommend your services to others interested in mail order purchasing of fish." (1-27-00)

Eric, eslagle@hotmail.com
     "Received the fish yesterday, each one alive. Impressive." (1-27-00)

Mike, e-mail africanhut<sale_gjp@access-k12.org
     "Thanks for the rock. Those are just the sizes I was looking for. The caves are also nice." (1-27-00)

John, kathleenmorgan@uswest.net
     "Got the five calvus, all in excellent shape. They are absolutely beautiful! I'll be setting up a larger tank in
the near future and will be in contact. Thank you very much for your time and effort." (1-22-00) "Colors are bright and their bellies are very full. They took right to brine shrimp, blood worms, and flake food. The calvus are all over the tank getting into everything. I couldn't ask for more." (1-24-00)

Carl, e-mail CGLAX247@aol.com
     "The four zebra plecos and four Xmas Fulus all arrived on time and in great condition. They even managed to survive the current temperature of -7. Thank you very much...I look forward to doing business with you in the future." (1-21-00)

Keith, e-mail MrRepublic@aol.com
   "Another order with zero casualties! Everything is doing great, even the x-tra small E. melanogenys Namansi. They just had a good meal of baby brine shrimp. The Cyp. leptosoma Lusiba lime ghost are starting to show some color and they are awesome! Once again, you have supplied me with top of the line fish and top of the line service. I would recommend ARAF to anyone! ARAF provides healthy fish, great prices, and incredible service. Thank you so much and I hope to do business with you again soon." (1-19-00)

Juan, e-mail bearmaker1@aol.com
     "I just have to compliment you on your selection of Tropheus brichardi Mpimbwe 'Red Cheek'. They are absolutely healthy and robust. What I like the most is that the females have a pretty good color with those bars." (1-11-00)

Jim, e-mail JCANNAND@aol.com
     "Just wanted to let you know I picked up my fish at the airport on Friday and all were healthy and happy. They acclimated well and are doing great. I am very pleased with the quality of the fish and quality of the service. I will strongly reommend your fishery to anybody and everybody!" (1-10-00)

Scott, e-mail meunierkids@juno.com
     "(Despite 48-hour transit time), all the fish are great looking. Thanks for the beautiful fish and great service." (1-9-00)

Matthew, e-mail MHBeaulieu@aol.com
     "Just wanted to let you know that I received my fish. All are doing well. Thank you for the prompt and courteous service." (1-7-00)

Juan, e-mail bearmaker1@aol.com
     "The (wild-caught) Tropheus species Mpimbwe are awesome in color and size." (1-7-00)

Carlos, e-mail clasalde@spiderlink.net
     "I do take this moment to thank you for selecting the fishes so carefully for me. The F0 Tropheus are amazing and so is the Milomo. (San Juan, Puerto Rico)" (1-5-00)

Brian, e-mail bflanigan@mosquitonet.com
     "The fish arrived early this morning at 2:40 a.m. All of the fish were in good health except for one casualty. I am happy with your service. The outside temperature was -44 degrees (Fairbanks, Alaska)! I may be making another order soon..." (1-3-00)

Greg, e-mail txstars@home.com
     "As always, they (the fish) looked great. The Malawis looked super and the Tangs were a much-needed addition to my 125-gallon tank. Thanks again for a great order." (1-2-00)

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