What Our Customers Say About Us

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Harvey, e-mail HALEIGH1998@cs.com
     "I received the fish at noon today, and they are absolutely gorgeous. The compressiceps and calvus are definately SHOW quality." (12-22-01)

Sam, e-mail samem@charter.net
     "I commend you on your packaging of my shipment!! I will be recommending you to some of my interested friends." (12-19-01)

Dan, e-mail liv2padl@mindspring.com
     "All fish arrived in great condition. Thanks very much. You guys are terrific." (12-18-01)

Keith, e-mail MrRepublic@aol.com
     "I just wanted to let you know that all the fish arrived alive and in great health. Thanks for another excellent shipment!" (12-16-01)

Roger, e-mail rgordon@tns.net
     "Just a short note to let you know that all of the fish arrived safely... When I opened the boxes at 9:20PM the heat packs were still very warm. Box 2 of 2 had been dropped on a corner and the styrofoam had shattered along 3 edges. The three bags inside had not leaked. Two of the inner bags in box 1 of 2 did leak about a cup of water each. The outer bags did not leak so no water got out into the styrofoam container. Thought you would like to know how your packing held up.... Thanks again for all of your advice." (12-15-01)

Sam, e-mail samem@charter.net
     "I commend you on the packaging. The BEST I have ever seen... No deaths! Fine specimen!... Appreciate the service. I plan to make another order from you soon after the New Year. Thanks again for your promptness and care in shipping." (12-12-01)

Mason, e-mail Romaine12@aol.com
     "Just wanted to let you know that the fish arrived and are all in good shape. They look great, especially the large male. He's awesome with very good blue coloration. Thanks very much for your help again." (12-12-01)

Chris, e-mail tunachaser@hotmail.com
     "Thanks for the fish, they all arrived and all look terrific. The quality of the fish is unbelievable, they are already eating and acting like they have always been in those tanks. Thanks again." (12-1-01)

Bill, e-mail bvcollin@postoffice.swbell.net
     "I received my fish in good shape and they are doing fine! Thank you so much!" (11-30-01)

Agatha, e-mail aggiewit@msn.com
     "I want to tell you that I absolutely love your fish! Not only are your fish absolutely gorgeous, but they are also extremely healthy and your prices are great. " (11-28-01)

Charley, e-mail crs37@home.com
     "I received the fish and they look great, thank you." (11-27-01)

Art, e-mail leutajj1@swbell.net
     "Let me take this opportunity to thank each of you for your kindness yesterday as I showed up unannounced and in your way... Several people came by yesterday evening to see the fish. They were so enthralled by the leleupi, the shell Neos and the big Cyprichromis that they probably will be contacting you separately... Thanks again for your graciousness in answering all of my questions and providing me with some beautiful specimens." (11-17-01)

Gretchen, e-mail gretchen1330@hotmail.com
     "Just wanted to say thanks for the order of fish that you sent last week. They look good and the Hongi's are bigger than I expected. Thank you.... All of them seem to be settling into their new home well. I will certainly order from you in the future! Thanks again." (11-16-01)

Steve, e-mail scurrie@new.rr.com
     "All fish arrived in great shape. I'll be ordering from you again soon. Thanks again for all your help." (11-15-01)

Glenn, e-mail glenn777@kua.net
     "I just wish to relate, again, the outstanding quality and selection you people have for purchase. The fish I have purchased from you are outstanding, and each subsequent order, I am more and more pleased." (11-8-01)

Andrew and Christine, e-mail CRH0604@aol.com
     "Just wanted to say we are very happy with the fish we ordered and how they were delivered, through air freight. We will buy from you again. Thanks!" (11-7-01)

Mike, e-mail cichlids@nycap.rr.com
     "I purchased two pairs of wild Neolamprologus crassus Kachese and 10 Paralabidochromis chromogynos from you about 1 month ago. The fish are doing great. Actually already have a spawn from one of the crassus pairs. I am looking to make another order from you." (11-3-01)

Kurt, e-mail kwaechter@mail.sfps.k12.nm.us
     "Thanks for the response and if I ever add more fish to my tank I will be sure to get them from you!!!" (11-3-01)

Todd, e-mail dt1845@yahoo.com
     "Everything arrived alive and well. Looks to be another great shipment of fish. I couldn't believe how excited my A. Maleri Yellow male got when I dropped the female in the tank. I think that tank has a new boss now. Thanks for providing people like myself with access to such great fish at such reasonable prices." (11-2-01)

Kurt, e-mail kwaechter@mail.sfps.k12.nm.us
     "I received the order as planned on Tuesday and everything looked great!... The pleco is amazing and I am thrilled with it! As I am with the eupterus... Thanks for the quality stuff." (11-1-01)

Michael, e-mail gps600@operamail.com
     "Just received the 8 Ps. demasoni and they are beautiful! All came in top condition and are very healthy. Thanks for the great service and shipping, you'll be hearing more from me in the future for more orders." (10-17-01)

Jon, e-mail jc_blum@hotmail.com
     "Picked up the fish yesterday morning. All are well and are now in my main tank. Thanks again for another great fish order!." (10-13-01)

Mark, e-mail csheffer@bresnanlink.net
     "Hello. I wanted to let you know that my fish arrived safely and alive. I was not too sure about mail ordering fish, but I I am glad that I did. The fish look healthy and are doing good." (10-13-01)

Karen, e-mail tumanikatz@aol.com
     "Hi, just a note to rave about the quality of your fish. We are more than satisfied. The are healthy, it's evident that even though we bought small size, that care was taken to select fish that would give us the best chance of ending up with pairs. I couldn't believe that after a plane flight from Texas to Michigan the fish hit the tanks looking for food. We even told our local fish store to check your web site out. Thanks again.." (10-11-01)

Wane, e-mail wane.kunihisa@morganstanley.com
     "Another great shipment. The fish came in very healthy." (10-5-01)

Paul, e-mail arhpdj@home.com
     "I just wanted to thank you for the fish and the excellent service. I'm sure we'll do business again." (10-5-01)

Paul, e-mail rpstapes@sympatico.ca
     "Keegan, the fish arrived at 4:30 in Ottawa, Canada. Just finished acclimatizing them and they are settling in well. They seemed very strong, all shipped very well. The two larger ventralis have already got a fair amount of their color back. Fed a small amount and they all were ravenous...." (10-4-01)

Agatha, e-mail aggiewit@msn.com
     "My fish arrived at 11 am this morning and they are in great shape. They are all bigger than I thought they would be and that's great. Thanks for your flexibility when it came to changing my order." (10-3-01)

Carl, e-mail mapaflht@cs.com
     "Hi Keegan: The fish are here and all swimming. They look very good. You do a great job with bagging....very pleased with the fish." (10-2-01)

C., e-mail Sugarb-1@msn.com
     "Hi, I received all 7 (O.boops Kipili) and wll were alive and fine. I'm happy with the purchase and will be dealing with you again soon." (9-22-01)

David, e-mail dmchien@earthlink.net
     "I received the fish last night and they were in perfect condition. That was a real impressive packing job you did. Thanks for everything! I'll check your website in the future and will have no problem placing orders with you in the future. Your service has been great!" (9-21-01)

Tim, e-mail timnuber@msn.com
     "You probably have heard this many, many times, you simply have the best website on the planet when it comes to fish. There is no comparison. Keep up the great work!" (9-8-01)

Eddie, e-mail tasmulder@earthlink.net
     "The fish arrived last night at 11:15 PM ET at RIC airport. I was there waiting and all (fish) were in great condition. I must say though I'm very happy with all the fish now just have to wait for them to grow up some." (9-7-01)

Matthew, e-mail carmatt@ij.net
     "Once again guys, you have done a great job getting the fish to me...I was a little uneasy this time cause it's scalding hot here in Florida, but the fish got here happy and healthy. This is my second order, there will be more to come!" (9-5-01)

Todd, e-mail dt1845@yahoo.com
     "I can't believe it, after just six days since I received my fish from you, my Aulonocara sp. Rubescens female has a full mouth of eggs. Talk about fast workers! Thanks again for such quality fish. I will be making another order soon, as I have decided to get another tank. Talk to you soon!" (8-30-01)

Matthew, e-mail carmatt@ij.net
     "Hi there, I recently bought some Altolamprologus from you and would just like to say I am very pleased with them. They arrived healthy and happy. For such small little fish to survive so well for so long is a testament to the care you provide to the fish, as well as a great packing job. This was the first time I have ordered off the internet so I was kind of a pain in the butt to you guys, and even though I didn't order much, you guys treated me like a valued customer. I will be ordering from you again soon!" (8-30-01)

Todd, e-mail dt1845@yahoo.com
     "Just wanted to write and say thanks for the great fish. My order arrived on time and everyone was healthy. The F0 black calvus large male that you sent me is truly impressive, as are the iceberg ahli, and the 2 Synodontis multipunctatus. Thanks again, I couldn't be happier with the quality of my fish" (8-25-01)

Bev, e-mail bev-frazier2@home.com
     "Hi Keegan! This is Bev from Denver. The 3 Zaires (C. frontosa Zaire "Blue") I got from you are doing really well! They are beautiful fish!!" (8-24-01)

Mike, e-mail MGRCICHLIDS@aol.com
     "The Masanza ventralis turned out really nice, no losses and very attractive. Thanks for the nice fish" (8-23-01)

David, e-mail Luna4756@aol.com
     "Hey whats up Keegan! It's me David that bought the ventralis Wampembe from you, also the Cyp. Kipili. The fish look great!" (8-21-01)

Stephanie, e-mail sonicnef@aol.com
     "Even after being in their bags for 14 hours longer than they were supposed to (due to the airline's rediculous service) all of my fish survived and are doing well. The P. elongatus Mbamba that you suggested are much larger than I expected for the price, and the male is already trying to entice the females with his flashy dancing. The adorable little calvus and compressiceps are eating well and I look forward to seeing them grow. I was so pleased with the quality of the fish, I will be ordering again." (8-17-01)

Ben, e-mail bwillson@dmv.com
     "As usual we had 100% live arrival and of course you sent exactly what you said you would. It's a good feeling dealing with someone who is trustworthy and knowledgeable. As far as I am concerned you've got my future business." (8-17-01)

Liz, e-mail lizpitman@msn.com
     "Keegan, the fish arrived on time and in excellent condition. Thank you for the prompt shipment." (8-17-01)

Armin, e-mail directdrive2@hotmail.com
     "Armin from Minnesota here...All of the fish are kickin' and the male Rubescens is fantastic! Thanks again and I will never order/purchase cichilds from anywhere else!" (8-17-01)

Jack, e-mail kiawahkid@aol.com
     "Fish arrived beautifully packed before 10:30 AM. I was really not expecting fish that big in size. You seem to be running a first class operation - nice to do business with you. " (8-13-01)

Wane, e-mail wane.kunihisa@morganstanley.com
     "Hi Keegan, Another great shipment. Not one lost fish :) The frontosa Zaires are awesome like you said. The pulcher Daffodils are really nice too. Will my next order, Aloha!!" (8-9-01)

Mason, e-mail Romaine12@aol.com
     "Just wanted to drop you a note and let you know that the fish arrived this AM...picked them up at 11 AM and got them home and all are well!! They look great and I really do appreciate all of your help" (8-7-01)

Jonathan, e-mail jstrait@nyc.rr.com
     "Everyone arrived on time and healthy and happy and have already found their own little corners of the tank. Gorgeous fish, thanks for the great picks...especially the Aul. Rubescens!! I hope your business continues to do well in the future so that I can keep using you!" (8-7-01)

John, e-mail jleitten@adelphia.net
     "Got fish today. They look healthy. Thank you for such speedy service." (8-7-01)

Harvey, e-mail haleigh1998@cs.com
     "I received the shipment this morning, and wll are well. I am kicking myself in the ass because I did not get 10 pair because they (Neolamprologus brichardi Fulwe Rocks) are awesome." (8-4-01)

Mike, e-mail MGRCICHLIDS@aol.com
     "Keegan, all the fish got here in fine shape - all are eating. I really appreciate your help in getting these fish, thanks!" (8-2-01)

Jason, e-mail L1951@msn.com
     "Your newest list is unbelievable!!! Your selection is enough to make me go broke!!! I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to advise me on my latest fish disease, as always you treat me very well. I will never take my serious fish buying business elsewhere and I hope you find the business profitable so that you can continue to provide me with the best service around." (7-31-01)

Kevin, e-mail kevinwoodall@alltel.net
     "I would like to start by saying I think you have one of the best sichlid sites on the web. Your fish are exceptional. I have had some of your Aulonocara for 3 years and they have some of the best color I've seen." (7-27-01)

Kevin, e-mail smokeys@kuntrynet.com
     "Hey Keegan. Fish arrived fine. Only one casualty. Very satisfied, though. Fish very healthy. Thanks again." (7-27-01)

Ray, e-mail Azbound1@cs.com
     "Hello Keegan!!!! You continue to have an almost perfect shipping success! Thank you very much for your personal attention with my order and getting that Western Union money gram. The fish arrived at 10 AM here in New York. 20 out of 21 made it. One small red fin got caught in a corner as you suggested can possibly happen. No big deal. The rest were healthy and active, ate as soon as they hit the tank and are now settled. I am most pleased with the size and quality of your stock. You can be sure that you will always have me as a repeat customer and I shall brag about your company to those in the hobby I come across. Once again THANKS!" (8-3-01)

Craig, e-mail cledwell@hotmail.com
     "Order arrived to New Orleans, no problems. Healthy, Beautiful! I was not expecting such an order, 11 small and one 'Pair' of juveniles. You guys are a class act!" (6-30-01)

Scott, e-mail scott_moberg@msn.com
     "Thanks for the fish, they all look great, will be looking forward to my next order." (6-25-01)

Paul, e-mail paulie1@peoplepc.com
     "All the fish arrived safe and sound. They are all enjoying their new home in my 300 gallon tank. I'm amazed how quickly the fish have adapted to their new home. After traveling across country and everything, they were in my tank for a few hours and already eating heartily. I was a little worried about shipping fish, but after this shipment my worries are gone. The fish quality is awesome! I 'm very happy with the selection. I really like the Synodontis petricola pair. Armke's will ALWAYS be my first choice when it comes to getting fish!! Thanks for answering all my questions and making it all so easy. I'll be placing an additional order with you soon." (6-24-01)

Ken, e-mail wkbradley@starfishnet.com
     "The fish arrived in good condition around 11:00 6-20-01. I got them into my tanks around 4:00 still looking fit. Thank you for your help." (6-20-01)

Russ, e-mail rgurley@home.com
     "The fish arrived in great condition. The packing was excellent." (6-20-01)

Glen, e-mail gsuyejo@cs.com
     "About two and a half years ago I ordered the Ngara Flametail (from Armke's) and I just keep getting compliments from even the most avid cichild nut. Also the Muzi goldhead which were small are just awesome now fully grown with the goldplated head." (6-19-01)

John, e-mail hangpaw@pa.net
     "I received the shipment as scheduled this Sat. AM. There was one DOA. I know these were not guaranteed but I wanted to let you know anyway. All others are doing well. I thank you for the service and quality you provide. Everyone I spoke with both at ARAF and Prime TIme LTD were extremely nice. I will order again. " (6-9-01)

Paul, e-mail paulie1@peoplepc.com
     "Thanks for the Texas Holey Rock. I received your shipment about a month and a half ago and I've been meaning to send you a note of thanks. You did a great job picking out rocks to compliment each other. I really like the 120 pound piece of rock , it looks great in my 300 galon tank." (6-3-01)

Mike, e-mail cichlidite@aol.com
     ".....and those frontosa are quite a bit larger than I expected and look GREAT in my tank. Awesome. I'm a happy customer." (5-26-01)

Sandy, e-mail sberger958@earthlink.net
     "Just thought I would let you know the fish arrived in fine shape." (5-18-01)

Wane, e-mail wkunihisa@aol.com
     "Everything came in great shape! Especially the pair of Neolamprologus tretocephalus. They were going wild, hitting the cover in the tank, very strong. Also, I think those little eels are cool. Anything different really catches me." (5-17-01)

Juan, e-mail javlr@home.com
     "These ventralis are already spawning with one of my previous males!!!." (5-17-01)

Mike, e-mail Cichlidite@aol.com
     "Thanks as always. All the fish you've sold me are doing GREAT. The stappersi have already even begun mouthbrooding!!! :-)" (5-6-01)

Nathan, e-mail nateslouis4702@aol.com
     "I just wanted to let you all know that the fish I ordered the other day came in great today. They all look fine. Thanks again." (5-4-01)

Keith, Ward, and Kimberly, e-mail derbyday62@hotmail.com
     "Again we feel compeled to write to you and let you guys know, again...that you have the best damn good looking African Cichilds than anything we may get from any of our other fish distributors...again and again the fish we purchase from you to sell in our pet store look just like or better than the pictures on your website. All we can say is WOW..." (4-28-01)

Nathan, e-mail enantiopus@yahoo.com
     "I ordered some young N. gracilis and some other young Tanganyikans from you about two months ago and I just wanted to thank you for the superb quality cichilds. Just today, I looked in my 135 gallon community tank and was amazed to see a small school of fry and two gracilis hovering over them. I bought the fish as small (juveniles) and after only two months they have had a successful spawn! These fish are truly worth the money. Thanks!" (4-26-01)

Rich, e-mail rlavrich@kent.edu
     "Just wanted to drop you a line to tell you that the Cyprichromis leptosoma that I picked up in January are beginning to get their adult coloration. I drove the fish back to Ohio in 5 gallon buckets....they are turning out to be some beautiful fish....very friendly little guys too....thanks again for some great fish. You guys are a first rate supplier of beautiful fish." (4-26-01)

Jon, e-mail jkurtz17@home.com
     "I got my fish and again, they are all more beautiful than expected. My F0 Mpimbwe Blue Frontosas are bigger than last time. My Synodontis petricola and Synodontis multipunctatus Zambia are both awesome. I went to the airport to pick them up and the guy said the box was sort of damaged, I looked at it and it was smashed to pieces with the tape only holding it together. I was a little worried but since you guys do such a great job packing the fish, they all survived and are doing really well. Thanks and will order again." (4-22-01)

Steven, e-mail Razbass@aol.com
     "I received my fish this weekend and they are spectacular! The quality is incredible and I look forward to my next order." (4-16-01)

Gabriel, e-mail margieabston@home.com
     "My name is Gabriel and I have been ordering fish from you guys. I just wanted to tell you that I am very pleased with your service and quality of your fish." (4-11-01)

Larry, e-mail larryb@fix.net
     "Fish arrived in top notch condition, on time at the San Luis Obispo airport. I actually got to bed early. Be talking to you soon (when I get a couple of more tanks set up)." (4-4-01)

Scott, e-mail scott_moberg@msn.com
     "I just got back with the fish, they're awesome, the ngara is amazing! The rubescens look great also, will be ordering some more in a couple of months... Thanks again for the fish!!!!" (3-31-01)

Larry, e-mail larryb@fix.net
     "Fish arrived in top notch condition, on time... Be talking to you soon (when I get a couple more tanks set up)." (3-31-01)

John, e-mail kathleenmorgan@qwest.net
     "The shipment arrived in excellent shape... the fish are healthy and a delight to the eye... Thank you very much for another wonderful shipment!" (3-31-01)

Scott, e-mail meunierkids@juno.com
     "My order arrived a little ago and the fish look great. Thanks for another outstanding order." (3-30-01)

Chris, e-mail cguarino30@hotmail.com
     "The fish arrived today in perfect condition, and are of excellent quality. The P. bleekeri are absolutely spectacular, and of a better size than anticipated. The fish were packaged beautifully, as always, and all seemed minimally stressed. Thank you and I look forward to doing business with you in the future." (3-22-01)

Ryan, e-mail rdenist24@msn.com
     "I just want to thank you so much for working with me the way you did on this order. I just got my order about 10:00 and I couldn't be happier! The fish look great.....with some pet stores around here I'm lucky if I make it home with them!.....within 20 minutes, (your) fish were all eating....." (3-20-01)

Robert, e-mail rnelson@hendrickhealth.org
     "Just wanted you to know that your're doing a great job!!! I received my latest order from you last night., and all the fish are healthy and doing well (as usual). I recommended you to several people on one of the Internet message boards this morning...maybe you'll get some business out of it. Keep up the good work!!!" (3-8-01)

Harvey, e-mail hethomas@arrow.com
     "I want to thank you for the shipment I received yesterday. The yellow labs are just awesome, plus they are huge!! I have never seen them this large. As always, thanks for the excellent service." (3-8-01)

Alex, e-mail A-Antoniu@peapc.com
     "Keegan, thank you for sending my fish on time. Within one hour they were swimming happy in their new home. Good Show!" (3-5-01)

Dennis, e-mail dennisdamenacee@aol.com
     "I bought ....your Mpimbwe frontosa a couple of weeks ago and I never got around to thanking you. Well, Thanks. I really appreciated the bargain on the fish. Your service was exactly how people said it was. You were nice and your selection of fish are pretty nice...." (3-5-01)

Voytek, e-mail Voytekulesza@worldnet.att.net
     "It's only a month after the Neo. brevis Ikola "Sunspot" found a new home and guess what! I didn't even know they had their F1's already. The F0 pair has a 10G tank for themselves with not much but crushed coral gravel and 10 empty shells including the two shells from you (those are the home for the pair). It is great. I am very happy with the purchases I made with you so far and I know it's not all yet. Thanks again and hope you all doing well to." (3-4-01)

Mason, e-mail romaine12@aol.com
     "....all the fish arrived in good shape and the coloration is spectacular." (3-2-01)

Kay, e-mail johnnymllr@cs.com
     "....we received our fish...they are healthy and doing fine. I thank you very much and we are pleased with our shipment." (3-2-01)

Lawrence, e-mail Lawrence_Traa@Standardaero.ca
     "The fish arrived on time in Winnipeg, Canada. All safe and beautiful. Thanks again." (3-2-01)

John, e-mail jgee@vsgpartners.com
     "They are all doing quite well. The Paracyprichromis nigripinnis are really very interesting fish, they sit in the water in a vertical stance. Very pretty. The Chalinochromis popelini are stunning, they remind me of dolphins. They are so streamlined. You guys really do a good job; it is clear you really care about this and it shows." (3-1-01)

Robert, e-mail rnelson@hendrickhealth.org
     "Just wanted you to know that you're doing a great job!!! I received my latest order from you last night, and all the fish are healthy and doing well (as usual). I recommended you to several people on one of the Internet message boards this morning...maybe you'll get some business out of it...I gave them your URL. Keep up the good work!!!." (2-28-01)

John, e-mail jgee@vsgpartners.com
     "I am happy to say everyone is in their tanks now, alive and seemingly well. Once again, the fish look great and they were remarkedly well packaged. This time, if they were not, they would surely have been dead. I was not able to get them until almost 8am today. You have done a great job again. I have had worse luck getting fish from my local fish store down the street than from you guys in Texas." (2-28-01)

Tom, e-mail tschirmer@mindspring.com
     "The fish arrived in excellent condition, heat packs still kicking ass. Fish even made signs, "will swim for food" so they've taken flakes already." (2-24-01)

Tom, e-mail tungster@hotmail.com
     "I went to pick up the fish at 4:45 PM today and they look healthy....not stressed at all. I haven't got a good look of them since I don't think it would be fair to judge quality on the first day.........Thank you for taking the time to pick out the females for me. I noticed that. They are good quality fronts. I'm quite pleased with them. I also saw some very good comments about you at the frontosa.com forum. The fish ate within 3 hours of arrival. I fed them bloodworms, hikari gold, tetra bits, and frozen beefheart and they ate heartily and they've only been in my tank for 24 hours!....Great fish....Thanks again." (2-23-01)

Nick, e-mail nosborn@itsa.ucsf.edu
     "Just wanted to let you know I got those shells yesterday. Thanks. The multifasciatus are doing well and have already produced two clutches of young. They are really nice looking fish. Thanks a lot." (2-21-01)

Alex, e-mail albayati@ne.mediaone.net
     "Fish and plants arrived in fine condition this afternoon. Once again, it was a pleasure doing business with you." (2-20-01)

Coco, e-mail athenaarani@aol.com
     "Keegan, Hello again, Colette from Illinois. I picked up my babies today, they are all beautiful and healthy! The S. eurystomas pair are absolutely breath-taking! The S. schoutedeni and the Leopardus are gorgeous too, I''ll definitely be getting more of those to keep mine company! You've made a customer for life, I''ll never buy anywhere else." (2-13-01)

Norm, e-mail norm.stacey@ualberta.ca
     "The fish you first sent are all still perfect!." (2-8-01)

John, e-mail jgee@vsgpartners.com
     "Keegan, thanks, all the fish arrived healthy and well. They all look great. Thanks for your help. I couldn't recommend you guys highly enough. You guys are great. The fish are beautiful and you packaged them with real care. Plus, you advice on what to get and how to care for them was right on the money." (2-7-01)

Michael, e-mail msjjacobs@aol.com
     "The fish were great!! Everything for the store is doing fine and I am very satisfied with what I picked up for myself. I would definitely buy from you guys again. Thanks." (2-6-01)

Voytek, e-mail vkulesza@scotforge.com
     "The two pairs of C. brichardi and brevis are doing great. They came in excellent condition and in half hour were feeding and having their own spots to live. I am very happy with them." (1-31-01)

Bob, e-mail bailey@iw.net
     "Good news for you and me. The arrived in excellent condition despite the fact that the weather was terrible." (1-30-01)

Wane, e-mail waikele_dude@yahoo.com
     "Great Deliver! Fish got here at 3:30 PM, and they were in great shape. All fish were very healthy looking. I especially like the Cyath.foai Kigoma "Blue". That is a really nice color! They were colored as soon as they went in the tank. And the female Benth. tricoti looks in better shape than ever." (1-30-01)

Anthony, e-mail avena34@aol.com
     "Keegan, I have ordered fish from you before and I was very satisfied with your fish. Recently, the compressiceps (Mwela Orange) I bought from you 6 weeks ago has bred, by the way......that is both pair I bought from you have bred. Another fish that bred for me is the compressiceps (Black Ikola). I am very happy to do business with you again." (1-29-01)

Juan, e-mail bearmaker1@aol.com
     "Everything is OK, all of them healthy and swimming." (1-27-01)

Michael, e-mail michael.oneal@accenture.com
     "Just want to let you know that I received the fish and they were in "perfect" condition. I was a little unsure due the weather we were experiencing, but you delivered what you promised. I look forward to doing business with you in the future." (1-26-01)

Harvey, e-mail hethomas@arrow.com
     "I received the shipment. Everything looks great, and I really do appreciate the service." (1-24-01)

Norm, e-mail norm.stacey@ualberta.ca
     "All is well with the fish (and therefore with me!). All fish look fine - thanks for such a super job with the bagging - only one small leak (all catfish order to Alberta, Canada)." (1-24-01)

Darryl, e-mail darrylcooke@hotmail.com
     "The saulosi look great (you were right, they are teenie!!). Hope we can do more business in the future. Thanks!!."(1-22-01)

Nick, e-mail nosborn@itsa.ucsf.edu
     "I wanted to let you know that the fish arrived safely and they look great. If I have any more fish needs in the future, I'll defintiely contact you again. Thanks a lot." (1-19-01)

Darcy, e-mail darcy_vangelder@chbnet.com
     "Thank you for the great service and fish!." (1-10-01)

Mavian, e-mail leonneal@webtv.net
     "I received my trio of albino eureka red on 1-8-01, the fish look AWESOME! I asked for 1 male and 2 females and that's exactly what I received. Your service was excellent." (1-9-01)

Jamie, e-mail mi29jme@tconl.com
     "Keegan, thanks so much for the Haps and catfish." (1-5-01)

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