What Our Customers Say About Us

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     "Our fish arrived this morning. They're beautiful, and appear to have made the trip in outstanding shape. You folks did a great job packing them! The plants were lovely too! When we called to order we really appreciated the time and attention given to answering our questions and providing advice. You'll be our first choice for fish and supplies. Thanks again, and best wishes in the coming year!" (12-31-02)

Nate, email Nathan.Lucier@FMR.COM
     "I purchased 9 Fish back in August. I have always gone from shop to shop to find the best fish I could. I really had no idea that Armkes existed at that point. All that driving and many times without much luck. When I saw all the cool looking fish for sale on the site I thought it was too good to be true. I really thought that the picture would be best case scenario and that maybe a few of the fish would be nice. Well, I was wrong. The fish were all healthy and top notch on arrival. I have been looking for an Afra and Polit for some time without any luck. The Afra is by far the coolest looking fish I have ever owned. It looks just like the picture on the site. I had a Lwanda that for some reason got sick within the first 3 weeks. Without hesitation, Keegan gave me a credit and stated it was not typical. I consider that great business. At this point the tank looks great and I look forward to purchasing a Flavus and Mbana in the future." (12-23-02)

Charles, e-mail lamhoufai@hotmail.com
     "Hi, I got my fish on Friday. They are all great; except one of the taiwan reef died and I forgot to ask the delivery guy for a DOA slip. Anyway, it is okay. Out of 22 fish, only 1 died. I think I am happy. I know that I only order 2 male fish from you. But when they are in the tank for only 2 days, half of them turn out to be beautiful peacock males. We were all worried that there is a chance most of them becomes females. I love all mine mpimbwe. I was worried about one of them cause he is only 1 inch long... but he is doing fine with the others in my tank. And what a beautiful blue color that they are showing now." (12-22-02) Vancouver, B.C. Canada

Mary, e-mail lindstro@biostat.wisc.edu
     "6 cute fish showed up today. They are in their tank and doing well. Thanks much." (12-18-02)

Jon, e-mail Psychjohn@aol.com
     "I received my fish a couple of days ago and they are great. They are beutiful, healthy and hearty. I have a friend that owns a fish store that wants to see your catalog since he has seen my fish. Hopefully, I'll be able to swing some business your way." (12-16-02)

Greg, e-mail sweetlu@smyrnacable.net
     "I want to send a 'thank you' for your assistance before, during, and after my order. I previously lived in Central Texas (Bryan/College Station) and had the opportunity to visit your showroom and purchase cichlids and synodontis, in person. So, I was well aware of the quality (and price) of fish you offer. After looking "high and low" around the metro Atlanta area, I could not find anyone with a selection (not to mention price, including shipping charges) that rivals yours. Still, I must admit it was with some hesitation that I placed my first order for 'mail order' fish. Well, I could not be more pleased with my experience. My fish (neo. brevis, juli. marlieri, neo. cylindricus, and cyp. leptosoma) arrived today, as promised. All look to be in excellent shape. One last comment. The two female brevis (Katabe "orange Head), seem to think they are part of the Cyprichromis colony, as they have spent the entire afternoon swimming with the "Tri-color" at or near the top of the water column. I will not hesitate to recommend you to all my cichlid enthusiasts friends." (9-17-02)

Hans, e-mail palapa00@yahoo.com
     "I have received all the fishes alive and healthy! Thanks for your excellent service and professional information. I will order soon once again!" (9-6-02)

     "Picked up the Neolamprologus nigriventris last weekend. What an amazing fish. Can't wait till my next trip over next spring. The quality and care in how you handle your fish is unequaled in anything I've ever seen since starting in this hobby 20 years ago. Keep up the good work." (9-5-02)

Robert, e-mail Robert_Albert_Jr@prodigy.net
     "After just sending out two emails I received a phone call from you today regarding my first email.... I do want to state that the fish that I did receive have been the best quality of any I have ordered from out of state so far!" (9-4-02)

Joyce, e-mail ELAINE29@aol.com
     "Hello. Just wanted you to know my fish arrived alive and well, once again. Thank you so much." (8-30-02)

Peter, e-mail onemeantalon@hotmail.com
     "I just recieved my latest shipment and alls I have to say is WOOO HOOOO !!!!! All fish arrived in top shape as usual and are settling into their new homes as I write this. All the fish were AWESOME!! I especially took a liking to the Eretmodus cynostictus. Also the Chalinochromis brichardi are gorgeous, definitely as you advertise "SHOW" quality. Thank You a great deal for making such Gorgeous fish available for purchase. I will be placing another order in the near future, as I have 3 tanks that are empty and think of NO better way than to fill them with Armke's Quality fish. Thanx again and Take Care" (8-30-02)

Jeff, e-mail jmignone@byramhealthcare.com
     "I have rarely ordered fish or other livestock via the mail as you never know what you are going to get. But again, I was extremely pleased with my order, and my fish ordered from you continue to be healthy, are looking better and better as they are growing quickly and coloring out nicely. Since I have several tanks, and know a few others who keep Africans, I have spread the word and I most likely will be placing another order before it gets too cold up here. Thanks again." (8-30-02)

Dave, e-mail David.Chien@faa.gov
     "The fish came in wonderful as usual. Also, thanks for the extra female! That was very generous of you to add the extra female free! There really isn't anyone else on this planet who would do something that nice. I don't know of any wholesalers that I deal with that would have given it to me for free! Hopefully, the only way that I can repay you is to breed the fish you sell to me and then turn around and offer them back to you as fry or sub-adults. Great doing business with you, as always." (8-28-02)

Perry, e-mail POCHACHE@cablevision.com
     "You should know all the fish you shipped me a few months ago arrived beautiful and are doing great. Thank you for such good service - I am sure to be a repeat customer." (8-26-02)

Jeff, e-mail jmignone@byramhealthcare.com
     "I did not get a chance to say thanks for the great service on my order I placed with you folks a few weeks ago. It was a pleasant experience in dealing with your company, with fast professional service. The fish you shipped to me were all in excellent health, and beautiful representatives of their species. I am very pleased.... Thanks again for your great service, quality animals, and great prices. I will use your company again. " (8-23-02)

Stuart, e-mail sturob@onebox.com
     "I want to thank you for my recent shipment of fish. They all arrived in excellent condition. They seem very well-acclimated for wild-caught specimens! The evening I got them, I noticed one of the Cyprichromis leptosoma "Kasanga blue glitter" females was holding... and two days later, the Neolamprologus brichardi "Namansi violet" had spawned as well. thanks for the beautiful, healthy fish!" (8-23-02)

Perry, e-mail POCHACHE@cablevision.com
     "You should know all the fish you shipped me a few months ago arrived beautiful and are doing great. Thank you for such good service - I am sure to be a repeat customer." (8-26-02)

Carol, e-mail spider48@earthlink.net
Please go to this site and see all my pictures I have sent them. I have other previous pictures on the site with other set ups of my aquarium but this set up I like the best of all with your Texas Holey Rock. Thanx again for your wonderful web site and store. If I ever get to Texas I plan on visiting your store." (8-22-02)

Carlos, e-mail CaPimeSPS@aol.com
     "I recently bought a wild pair of Alt. Mwele from you guys and I'm very happy with the fish. Thanks very much." (8-18-02)

Bob, e-mail bobdd@attbi.com
     "Folks, they arrived today and are magnificent. I want to thank you and let you know that I will be in touch to order more!! Each fish is perfect and I asked for them to be "younger" and about the same size and you did that for me too!! The packing was great!" (8-17-02)

     "My first shipment arrived healthy and full of spunk! I have purchased from 2 other mail order companies but there is no comparison to the Armke quality and selection. I want to order again very soon! You said I would be impressed and I really am. Thanks for the patience and knowledge you were so kind to give." (8-16-02)

Colby, e-mail colbybay@hotmail.com
     "I live in Saskatoon Saskatchewan, and I would just like to thank you! I received my shipment of fish from you about a month ago. Every single fish I ordered arrived alive! Even the female cyprichromis leptosoma "Black Bee" that was in not so good shape that you sent free of charge. Thanks once again for the very stunning cyp's and the pair of neo. multifasciatus, I was very impressed on the fast recovery rate of the fish. I'm so impressed on the quality of your fish I have already bought a 75 gallon tank just so I can buy more fish to stock it with!" (8-15-02)

Nuttanop, e-mail virus_ake@yahoo.com
     "How are you? My name is Nuttanop who order fish from you and bring it back to Thailand. All fish is fine. I think I would like to make new order in next 3 weeks. Anyway I hope we can do business together in the future." (8-14-02)

Chris, e-mail ce1013@netzero.net
     "First time mail-order of fish and you guys were outstanding in service and availability of fish! Very pleased with the six fish I ordered, the A. cobue peacock has great color for a small male. I will definitely be ordering from you in the future." (8-14-02)

Marty, e-mail vaquero@cox-internet.com
     "First, let me commend you on the T Mboko order I just received. The fish arrived in good health, excellent bagging and packing, and the size of the fish were actually more than I had expected. You did everything possible to make this transaction quick and professional. WELL DONE!" (8-11-02)

Marty, e-mail vaquero@cox-internet.com
     "I really like the way you guys do business... it seems to me that this is a show of, 'going the extra mile' in the name of customer satisfaction. WELL DONE!." (8-8-02)

Darryl, e-mail Darryl.Cooke@ubsw.com
     "The fish are first rate, as usual. This is my 3rd order from you and I'm always happy with the quality of fish..." (7-17-02)

Matt, e-mail guavahead2@attbi.com
     "Hey all, I received my order of 6 N. multifasciatus yesterday and everyone is getting settled into their tank, thanks so much for some of the coolest fish I have ever observed, I hope to do business with you again soon." (7-17-02)

Sue, e-mail sjkrhosts@dewis.com
     "The fish arrived just great, beautiful!!!! ... Thank you for everything, and we will be ordering again soon." (7-13-02)

Keith, e-mail derbyday62@hotmail.com
     "Hey guys...Again and Again we are amazed at the Awesome Looking Fish that we purchase from you! The fish arrived safe and sound as usual...Although quite-a-bit later than they were supposed to have arrived......We open the boxes at 6:40 AM and everyone was very happy to see us!!! The fish were still in fantastic condition..." (7-13-02)

Ricky, e-mail cubmarks@bellsouth.net
     "Hey, I am looking for another piece of holey limestone... I usually get the better grades with more holes in them too. I bought a couple pieces from y'all a while back... I also bought a bunch of fish from you recently too. Everyone survived and is doing great. Thanks again... when I asked the lady to have you pick me out some good males you did just that. I really appreciate that." (7-11-02)

Duane, e-mail DPB957@aol.com
     "I was real pleased with the fish you sent." (7-9-02)

Adam, e-mail Malawiguy@aol.com
     "I ordered your last pair of Tyrannochromis macrostoma. I was very pleased with the fish. They looked great and are doing well in my tank. I was wondering if I could possibly special order more of them from you. Thank you for great service and great fish." (7-9-02)

Gerard, e-mail gschmid2@optonline.net
     "I had ordered fish from you last week, and I must admit I was a little skeptical of this whole mail order fish thing. But with all the help that I received over the phone and all my questions answered it made me a little less stressed. It was then time to receive my fish and let me tell you I was impressed with the way everything was packed and all the fish were beautiful and in good health. I just wanted to thank you for all your help and patience and for making my first mail order a pleasure. I would definitely do it again and I will recommend you to everyone. Thanks again." (7-5-02)

Peter, e-mail onemeantalon@hotmail.com
     "Hello, First let me commend you on what I consider the best web site for African Cichlids that I have ever seen. I really appreciate the fact that you try to inform the buyer as best you can before they purchase your fish... I also read your testimonials and have written to several just to get more info on you and I am happy to say EVERYONE I spoke to was very pleased. I am now certain that I will be ordering from you in the near future." (6-26-02)

Richard, e-mail eap@elisabethparker.com
     "I've gotten three shipments of Malawi cichlids from OHI in the last seven months. Not a single loss in the bunch, all ate like pigs hours after being in the tank, and the Show males in each shipment are as advertised. I can't get fishes like this in the Bay Area, no how, no way. The wild-caughts are particularly special. This is a responsibility as well as a pleasure. Thank you for your reliability and quality." (6-26-02)

Harvey, e-mail hethomas@arrow.com
     "Man, you outdid yourself again. My entire shipment was full of SHOW cichlids. The calvus are huge, and the lithobates is 100% show quality. I truly do appreciate you and Sonya taking time to prepare my order. I really do appreciate the excellent customer service." (6-21-02)

John, e-mail jabblm@netins.net
     "Thank you for those wonderful black ocellatus. They have got to be the cutest little fish I have ever seen, and fiesty, this one little guy - the smallest - just quivers all over and changes to all kinds of patterns when another one gets close to HIS shell. They have given me more than one chuckle. The Z-rock male is one of the prettiest fish I have seen. As always, thanks for sending quality, healthy fish." (6-21-02)

Ron, e-mail a901@earthlink.net
     "I ordered some frontosa about 10 weeks ago and they are doing great!" (6-20-02)

     "Bravo your new fish are the BOMB!!!! My wife is going to kill me but I see a lot of cool NEW fish. Keep it comin'" (6-19-02)

Kathy, e-mail kjferris@sprynet.com
     "Just got my order today. Everyone arrived safe sound and healthy. In fact the Cyprichromis were quite lively and took to the tank immediately. The golds are settling in and picking shells." (6-12-02)

Mike, e-mail farfe123@hotmail.com
     "The fish got in at 10:00 a.m. my time and all were well. They look great and are in the tank and have colored up.... I'm at maximum capacity, so I'll talk to you guys again when my budget allows for another tank." (6-5-02)

Norm, e-mail norm.stacey@ualberta.ca
     "Just letting you know the fish arrived safely and somehow managed to catch an earlier flight out of Minneapolis - so we had them by noon. They all look great, despite the fact that two of the nigrita had popped their bags and so were not even in water when we opened the box. Given those sharp spines, I'm surprised we don't have more bag problems. Anyway - thanks for the great fish!" (5-29-02)

Peter, e-mail p.tweet@verizon.net
     "My order arrived w/out any problem last Friday and everyone looks great (thank you again). I'm in particular very excited about the Lamp. ocellatus "Orange" and would like to place another order..." (5-28-02)

David, e-mail dlacy@nc.rr.com
     "Recieved the rock today. You're right it is VERY NICE!!!! Thank you very much, I look forward in doing biz with you in the future. Peace!!!" (5-28-02)

Scott, e-mail SFoltz@NORWOOD.com
     "I wanted to thank you for the recent order of fish I received. Not only was your staff very helpful and informative regarding the shipment, they were able to answer several question regarding the Neolamprologus similis. Your fish arrived in excellent condition and it was obvious that much effort was spent in preparing the fish for the journey unlike several other shipments I have received from other companies. You and your staff deserve a pat on the back for an excellent job and be sure, I will be sending all my business your way in the future." (5-23-02)

Ken, e-mail longbow1@yousq.net
     "My fish arrived safe and sound at the front door at 10:30 yesterday morning via DHL. All are live and doing well in their new tanks. No leaks, and the heat packs were still quite warm! Some of the fish were quite a bit smaller than I expected though... but they all appear healthy, so I'm not complaining! It will be interesting to watch them grow!... I can't wait for the "Mloto Fluorescents" to start to color up!!!! ...I'll be coming back to you for your variety and quality!" (5-23-02)

Mike, e-mail farfe123@hotmail.com
     "I would like to thank you for the way you handled the credit. It's yet another instance that displays the class with which you represent your business. I would like to reassure you that all of the fish that make their way to my tanks, will have made their way through yours as well." (5-22-02)

Dan, e-mail liv2padl@mindspring.com
     "As usual, the fish were in great shape. Thanks as always for your great service." (5-22-02)

Wane, e-mail Wane.Kunihisa@morganstanley.com
     "Great news. All fish came in great shape. There was only one casualty. It was for one Neolamprologus speciosus. He was stuck in the crack of the bag. Otherwise, all the others were eating and happy." (5-17-02)

Orlando, e-mail orly63@attbi.com
     "The cats look awesome - never worked with S. and am looking forward to it. Take care and thanks! I'll let you know when we can do another." (5-16-02)

Arline, e-mail Arline777@aol.com
     "Fish arrived safely and are magnificent. REALLY nice opalescent color. Never seen anything like them.... THANKS, again...looking forward to future updates. I love new and different adventures in fish!" (5-16-02)

Mike, e-mail farfe133@hotmail.com
     "I know that you guys know what you're talking about, and that what I order from you is what I'll get, which is why I go through the cost and hassle of flying fish in on a plane from Texas in the first place. I've special ordered through my local fish retailers in the past with very disappointing results.... I would definitely like to order more fish from you in the future." (5-15-02)

Ron, e-mail a901@earthlink.net
     "Fish got here around 1pm without a hitch! Thanks so much and I look forward to placing another order soon!" (5-7-02)

Bob, e-mail JCnflies@optonline.net
     "I'm very happy with the order. The fish are settling in very well - what a pleasure!" (5-06-02)

Tony, e-mail TJioras@basspro.com
     "Just a quick note to say I received my 6 Fronts and 2 Cats Sat morning. It's my first time ordering fish through the mail and though I was a bit nervous, everything went smooth and these fish are awesome and doing great. Thanks again!!!!" (5-6-02)

Bob, e-mail JCNflies@optonline.net
     "I wanted to take a moment to thank you for a job well done on my order. Everything was effortless. I particularly appreciate your including 1 julie that was a bit big and bursting with beauty! The eretmodus are now my favorite fish - they are cool fishified." (5-4-02)

Louise & Mundo, e-mail Sagit13@aol.com
     "We received your shipment on friday as expected. Just wanted to let you know that everything came in great condition. All the fish arrived alive.... Thank you for everything!" (4-30-02)

Jeremy, e-mail JASmith2@pclient.ml.com
     "I just want to thank you for the smooth transaction that took place this last weekend - from San Antonio to Detroit. I picked up the fish on Saturday morning... and they OK. They're doing great. Thanks again." (4-30-02)

Jon, e-mail jc_blum@hotmail.com
     "Got the fish today, no problems - they look great! Thanks again." (4-26-02)

Rich, e-mail richard.lavrich@nist.gov
     "Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that the cyprichromis leptesomas that I bought from you some 16 months ago are starting to breed... One of t he females is holding a bunch of eggs... I'm pretty excited... the fish turned out to be quite beautiful... Thanks again... I've had nothing but beautiful fish and great service from you guys..." (4-22-02)

Dennis, e-mail DLPetersdorf@Arandell.com
     "Great fish! My fish arrived on time and all are doing well after two days. I was truly surprised by the size of your fish. I really like the Signatus. Thanks for helping me make my stocking choices." (4-19-02)

Alex, e-mail alex@baron-assoc.com
     "You guys are amazing!! Fish are beautiful and healthy. Thanks! Will order again soon! You could make me much happier and open a location in Toronto!" (4-16-02)

Steve, e-mail skogan@si.rr.com
     "I just want to thank you for all your help and those wonderful rocks you sent! I got everything set up and it looks very nice." (4-13-02)

Laura, e-mail lstocker@psu.edu
     "I just wanted to let you know that I received the shells and fish food yesterday. Thanks for giving me a nice variety of color. They like the food, so that's really great (I've been having trouble getting them to accept anything but frozen brine shrimp). I am very happy with my order! " (4-12-02)

Tony, e-mail Gagsrus4@aol.com
     "Thanks so much for your patience and advice to questions you've heard a thousand times before. You are truly a gentleman, and I will talk to you soon when my next tank is ready." (4-11-02)

Ward, kellys_pets@hotmail.com
     "Just a note to let you know our fish order arrived as scheduled. All fish were in excellent shape! Our special customer was very impressed with the fish we ordered for him, and I am tickled pink with the trio of Proto. fen. Taiwan Reefs !!!! They will be going into our display tank.... Thanks again for a fantastic order! " (4-4-02)

Scott, e-mail sherb2002@comcast.net
     "I just cannot say enough great things about you guys...talk about people that KNOW their fish and talk about customer service. Many businesses could and should take a lesson from you guys on how to treat a customer. Kudos and much appreciation to you!! Thank you! " (4-4-02)

Mark, e-mail Minute4370@aol.com
     "Thanks for the quick and easy transaction not to mention feisty and wonderfully colored Tropheus. Ordered them Thursday, get them Friday, don't remember anyone being able to do that quick of service." (4-1-02)

Todd, e-mail PAKTSK@msn.com
     "Picked the fish up late Friday night. They are awesome. Thanks for everything and hope we can do business again. " (3-29-02)

Jon, e-mail jwilkinson@legaldomain.net
     "I recently ordered two Holey Rocks. They arrived in beautiful condition! I was very pleased with the rocks you selected. " (3-25-02)

Harvey, e-mail hethomas@arrow.com
     "The Labidochromis caeruleus Nkhata Bay White are gorgeous. They have already established territories and everything. They seem to be pearl white. Thanks for the shipment. I am saving my money for the next shipment of Zaire blue frontosas." (3-22-02)

Lorie, e-mail mickeyraf@clearsource.net
     "Thanks for all your help and advice. All our new additions are doing well. Absolutely no losses. All in good color and with good appetites. And the holey rock looks great, too. " (3-20-02)

Scott, e-mail SSavader@clarian.org
     "I wanted to tell you how thrilled I was with the Specimen Quality Holey Rock that I received from you. This magnificent rock is the showpiece of my 90 gallon cichlid aquarium (other than the fish!). As soon as it went into the tank, the fish were swimming through the passages as though it had been in the tank all along. Thanks for providing a product that proved to be as good as the description on your website. " (3-20-02)

Sean, e-mail Shadowinvrdie@aol.com
     "Thanks for the shipment... allow me to say that it definately far exceeded my expectations!... By the way, was that your normal small size or did you upgrade our shipment? Compared to other orders we've received those were monsters!... Thank you very much for all your help! " (3-17-02)

Marc, e-mail webmaster@vatoelvis.com
     "Just wanted to let you know that everything arrived in good order. Fish are doing well and the rocks arrived without incident. Thanks. I'm very pleased. " (3-16-02)

Scott, e-mail sherb2002@comcast.net
     "Thanks so much for great fish, and the time that you take out of your busy schedule to make me feel like one of your top customers. I'll look forwards to hearing from you and thanks again! Keep up the fantastic work you do for me and my fellow Cichlid Addicts !!!! " (3-15-02)

Brian, e-mail Brian@keyelco.com
     "Holy shit, those Triglochromis otostigma are unbelievably nice. " (3-14-02)

Lorie, e-mail mrsmickeyraf@clearsource.net
     " Mike and I wanted to let you know that we arrived safely home with our latest additions to the 'family'. We would also like to thank you guys very much for the time and effort that you took with us. The rock looks great in our tank, by the way. As do the fish. We are looking forward to future purchases. Again, thanks for everything. Have a nice day. " (3-13-02)

Bob, e-mail robert.h.budney@verizon.net
     "Thank you for the great fish. When the box came about 10AM yesterday, the DHL person said, Be careful carrying the box, it's wet . I thought Oh Boy... So I sprung open the carton, very well wrapped by the way, to find that one of the bags had sprung a leak. The one fish in the leaker was wet, had no water, and looked like it had been vacuum sealed in the plastic. A gonner for sure I thought. But I've had fish come back before, so I floated the bag anyway. The fish is fine, rather spunky and as active as any in the tank. In fact all of the fish have settled in and are doing fine. Hungry little buggers. Anyway, that one fish is in my mind a testament to your quality, careful packaging and shipping for survival. Whatever is in that blue juice you ship them did the trick. Thanks again. " (3-10-02)

Gypsy Mermaid, e-mail SGypsyMermaid@aol.com
     "Fish arrived safely, and are settled in their new tanks. Thank you so much for remembering me for the non-cichlid tangs --- they are wonderful." (3-9-02)

Mike, e-mail cichlids@nycap.rr.com
     "Although it was a little hectic, all the fish made it to my fishroom fine and are adjusting to their new tanks as I type this. I called Albany Airport last night and was told the flight was running about 20 minutes late. That meant that I would have to wait until this morning as they close at 11:00 PM. I did not call ahead this morning (which I will definately do in the future) and just went to Albany Airport at around 7:30 AM. Turns out the flight was grounded in Baltimore and was not due to come in until 10:15 AM. Well it ended up being delayed a further hour and I was able to pick up the fish at around 11:30 AM. I should have called ahead. In any event the fish are fine and it allowed me to go swing my golf clubs at a driving range to pass the few hours." (3-9-02)

Mike, e-mail Mmcross4@aol.com
     "Wanted to let you know that I received my shipment of 16 fish on Friday, 2/15.... I got quite a variety and I still can't decide which one is my favorite...they're all great looking fish and very healthy... your packing was incredible... nicely labeled and well protected.... You definately have a new and happy customer for life. Thanks for everything. Keep up the great work and will talk to you soon, cone you get the new shipment." (2-25-02)

Saundra, e-mail g.herring111@worldnet.att.net
     "Hi...at 7:45am there was a Lone Star driver knocking at my door saying he had a shipment of fish and didn't have a way to heat the back of his truck and was concerned about them. I asked him to wait while I unpacked them and we found all were alive and well...and he was very interested in the 'heat packs' and packaging in side. Thanks so much for your efficiency in getting them to me overnight...when I touched the bags they were warm even tho it was 29 degrees and ice everywhere. This has been a wonderfully exciting experience and one I will certainly do again." (2-14-02)

Bill, e-mail hondotob@msn.com
     "All the fish we have gotten from you are the best Tanganyikans we have ever seen we have told everyone to order from you." (2-8-02)

Jeff, e-mail treewolf12@earthlink.net
     "OK, it is 1600 hours on Friday February the 8 and my decorus just arrived and they are all well and appear to have no ill affects from the shipping. Let me take this time to thank you for the service and the patience that you showed in this ordering process. I also would like to tell you that this is the first online order that I have ever placed and will not be the last one from your company. I look forward to doing business with you in the very near future." (2-8-02)

Dave, e-mail dmchien@earthlink.net
     "As usual, your shipment was impeccable. The fish were in unbelievable condition. The six heat packs you used really helped. The water temperature was 70 degrees when I got them home. They are a real nice size, and the ratios look really great too. I appreciated the fact that you dropped off the fish later in the afternoon so it would minimize the shipping time thereby reducing the time in the bags! Not many wholesaler do that kind of thing.... Thanks again!" (2-4-02)

Keith, e-mail derbyday62@hotmail.com
     "Just a note to let you guys know that 'everyone' showed up in great condition as they are simply wonderful as always! Couldn't be happier with every one of them!" (2-2-02)

Ward, e-mail kellys_pets@hotmail.com
     "Just a secondary note to thank you once again for our great looking fish... In fact all the new fish ate when I fed this morning! The Pseudo. sp. "Deep" Magunga Male is already preparing a nest site and trying to entice the larger female to spawn! Magnificent fish! All our African customers that came by today to see the new fish were well impressed. Thank you once again." (2-2-02)

Ward, e-mail kellys_pets@hotmail.com
     "Our fish arrived about 8:30pm, and we had them in the car and on our way back to the store by 9:00pm. I have just finished acclimating them to our tanks and all seem to be in very fine condition!... Once again you have astounded us with quality fish that will surely make our customers happy!" (2-2-02)

Duncan, e-mail duncanmcgowan@hotmail.com
     "I was skeptical about ordering online as I've never done it before but everything arrived safe and sound. The synodontis mulits are fantastic! The tretocephalus and demasoni are great as well. They made it here on time and seem to be settling in okay with my other tangs. Thanks again and I'll be sure to use you again in the future." (2-2-02)

Brian, e-mail Brian@keyelco.com
     "All received in good health!" (1-30-02)

Ted, e-mail daneckit001@hawaii.rr.com
     "Just wanted to let you know that I received the fish the other day with no problems. In fact, they acted better than fish that I get at the local pet store and this was after probably a 12-18 journey. Color was great and they took to their new surroundings very rapidly. I am VERY pleased with the quality of the fish and the way they were packaged/delivered. I will definately recommend you to anyone looking to purchase the types of fish you sell. Looking forward to doing business with you in the future!" (1-29-02)

Sam, e-mail murphys@oit.edu
     "Wanted to let you know that the fish arrived... Thanks for the careful j ob packing these fish. I could tell that you had taken care with the shipping and order.... I will not hesitate to order again and will recommend you when the opportunity arises." (1-27-02)

Paul, e-mail paulie1@peoplepc.com
     "All the fish arrived without a hitch. As always the fish look great and are already eating!" (1-22-02)

John, e-mail jmcgeeha@optonline.net
     "Received shipment of holey rock today. Beautiful -- very pleased." (1-21-02)

Agatha, e-mail aggiewit@msn.com
     "Thanks for great fish! ... As far as the Anubias are concerned, I was very pleased with them. They had more leaves than any of the anubias I've seen in stores and it was a great deal too. My aquarium looks so much better with the plants." (1-20-02)

James, e-mail JmsHp@aol.com
     "Just wanted to send you a line to let you know my fish made it in A1 shape. I'm really happy wiht them and hope they will be happy with their new home... I have started to see some color coming out this morning and all I can say they are nice fish... Thanks again." (1-19-02)

Lorne, e-mail lrinkel@gov.mdrockyview.ab.ca
     "The shipment arrived 6 minutes early, can you believe that! I quickly learned the process of clearing customs, paying landing fees, etc. and had my fish in their tanks by 18:00 hrs on the 16th. I was quite amazed at the whole packaging system you used and was extremely impressed.... thanks for the shipment and good first experience in mail order fish." (1-17-02)

Chris, e-mail Christopher.Aardahl@pnl.gov
     "Fish arrived as planned last Wed... All are doing fine. The little Calvus are very neat....appearance wise and behaviorally... Thanks for the fish. Nice doing business with you." (1-14-02)

Mike, e-mail farfe133@hotmail.com
     "The delivery to Syracuse was successful... All the fish were alive. They look great and are in wonderful condition (fins, color, appetite, etc). I'd like to thank you for taking the time to answer all of the questions I threw your way, you were very helpful.... I think that you guys have a class organization and I am very happy with the quality of the fish that you sent me. I will definately do business with you again in the future. I'll keep checking your list for new arrivals and I look forward to ordering from you again in the future." (1-14-02)

Bill, e-mail bvcollin@postoffice.swbell.net
     "I have received my colony of Aulonocara steveni "Blue Neon" Undu Reef, Tanzania Lake Malawi. They arrived in good shape. That was two months ago. One of the females is carrying eggs." (1-11-02)

Mike, e-mail farfe133@hotmail.com
     "If someone other than Keegan receives this email, do me a favor and thank Keegan for all of his help last night. I had a lot of questions and he was very patient and helpful with them all." (1-11-02)

Ray, e-mail ray@pkfamily.com
     "I received a couple fish from you this week. They arrived in great shape in spite of the cold weather. They were well packed and happy to get out of that box :) Thanks for a job well done." (1-10-02)

Mark, e-mail markkirkwood@fuse.net
     "You did a great job packing them - I appreciate the effort. " (1-9-02)

Kevin, e-mail proforce65@hawaii.rr.com
     "Thanks again, importing to Honolulu was easier than I thought; especially if you are buying from Armke's. If I ever need more fish I will look to you first." (1-5-02)

Sam, e-mail samem@charter.net
     "You guys are really a pleasure to do business with. Will not hesitate recommending you to friends in the future." (1-2-02)

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