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Thomas, e-mail woola@accessone.com
     "Well done! I am very happy with the fish. I wish I would have ordered more of the 'Christmas Fulu'...most incredible looking fish. The pictures do it no justice." (12-31-98)

Brian, e-mail gmadisco@alaska.net
     "I received the fish, and they are doing great. They weren't even breathing hard in the bag. Some were a little smaller than I had expected, but they are magnificent looking. Thanks again." (12-9-98)

Gerry, e-mail gerry-g@worldnet.att.net
     "All the cichlids...are doing great. The tank looks awesome. The quality of the cichlids you sell is excellent and the variety of species you offer makes for a more interesting aquarium. (Now) I am writing because I am interested in buying catfish from you." (12-3-98)

Rex (e-mail address withheld upon request)
     "This is to confirm the receipt of my order on Friday. All fish arrived alive and well, and I am very happy with the quality of the specimens. Thanks a lot. I'll be pleased to recommend you to my friends, and look forward to ordering from you in the future." (11-21-98)

John, e-mail DBTopher@aol.com
     "Just wanted to let you know that the fish arrived safely! They acclimated very quickly, and I am very pleased with all the specimens. They are of extremely rare quality... Thank you, and you have gained a repeat offender (or customer). Your company are true professional all the way." (11-18-98)

Glenn, e-mail usher@alltel.net
     "The fish look wonderful and I thank you...everyone seems to be doing fine." (11-3-98) "Again, thanks for the very useful advice and making my purchase a wonderful experience. It almost makes me wish I could buy fish on a weekly basis." (11-6-98)

Chuck, e-mail Eboonaman@aol.com
     "Just want you to know that the fish arrived today in terrific shape and they look outstanding! The weather here in NY at night has been in the mid thirties and have to admit I was a little leery about them going US Express Mail, but you definitely showed that you know what you're doing. I was very impressed with the speedy delivery and the care taken in their packing! They arrived before 11 a.m....acclimated quickly and are eating like gluttons! I regret that I didn't know about your business before I started stocking my tanks. You will definitely get my business again." (11-4-98)

Jan, e-mail OLSONET5@concentric.net
     "Picked up the fish at the airport last night and got them acclimated into their new homes. What a pleasant surprise. Everyone is doing fine. That's probably the best packing job I've ever seen. You guys are a credit to the industry. I'm sure we'll be doing business again." (10-29-98)

Janet, e-mail pacman@feist.com
     "Hi! Just wanted to let you know that the fish survived the trip and are doing fine. They're just beautiful! Thanks for all the help." (10-18-98)

Elaine, e-mail ELAINE29@aol.com
     "I received shipment...(and) all are in excellent health. Your selection and quality are superb. You can expect to hear from me and my son again, soon. Thank you so much!" (10-6-98)

Charley, e-mail Charley.Sabatino@unilever.com
     "The Taiwan Reefs I purchased from you are magnificent. Thanks so much for your help and service. I will definitely be ordering again." (9-29-98)

Mark, e-mail mbillings@nelcomail.com
     "Just wanted to thank you for some great fish. I appreciate the order very much!" (9-29-98)

Jason, e-mail: WalleyeFisher@networksplus.net
     "I knew from the first time I spoke with you (Keegan) that I had finally found a fish provider who is a true aquarist and genuinely loves the hobby. I'll recommend you to anyone seeking high quality African cichlids and true support that one probably would never find elsewhere. All of my fish shipments have come in healthy, and I can't believe the quality. Thanks for doing such a good job for me!" (9-9-98)

Don, e-mail: DHutton@omnipoint.com
     "Just thought I'd let you know that all of the fish survived the trip and are doing well." (9-8-98)

Daniel, e-mail: ps96277@itsa.ucsf.edu
     "I have been thoroughly impressed with your professionalism and your prompt, courteous, knowledgeable service. I appreciate the time and effort you put into tracking down my special order and following up on my inquiries. Your approach to business is extremely service-oriented -- you do not sacrifice quality for sake of sales and I can see that you have a genuine passion for our hobby. Everyone should know about a business that is so beneficial to our hobby. Keep up the fabulous work!"  (8-28-98)

Dewey, e-mail: dh034289@bcm.tmc.edu
     "Thanks for all the great fish. They always arrive without a single casualty. No one beats your selection of rare africans. I am always amazed at how many stunning varieties you have. Even the common fishes you can buy anwhere are better quality. I'll be contacting you soon about my next order!"   (8-25-98)

Marli, e-mail: Marliana22@aol.com
     "Thanks for such good, personal service.  I would be glad to be used as a reference to anyone thinking about ordering from you."  (8-21-98)

Keith, e-mail: MrRepublic@aol.com
     "I am very impressed with the quality of your fish. The last supplier I bought fish from didn't guarantee cyprichromis, paracyprichromis, enantiopus or xenotilapias.  It turned out that I usually lost half of the fish I ordered..........You will definitely have all my business from now on....."   (8-17-98) "All the fish arrived in perfect shape. this is the first time in a while I haven't had a single d.o.a.  The quality of your fish is outstanding."  (9-1-98)

Greg, e-mail: txstars@flash.net
      "My fish came in about 4:30 today. We only lost one fish...(and) it was toast at the cargo dock! Thanks for all your help"   (8-14-98) Subsequent: "Telephone support for first order was excellent and very helpful...and follow-up e-mail support has been great."

Brian & Nicole, e-mail: TBabes@aol.com
     "My thanks and sincere appreciation for a job well done! My fish arrived safe and sound Wed evening - everyone looked healthy and all are doing splendidly 24 hours later. Rest assured you're at the top of my list should I need to purchase fish in the future! I'll be sure to spread the word about your top-notch organization."   (8-14-98)

Craig & Karen, e-mail: ck-kk@worldnet.att.net
     (From a post to the Cichlid News Group) "I would...highly recommend the Armkes. Not only are they extremely knowledgeable, but they are really personable and excited about cichlids. Their 'tank room' reminds me of something we all dream of having. The tanks are spotless, their fish are in great condition, and they have species from all the lakes and several other locations. ...We have made quite a few purchases and could not have been happier. The fish were in excellent condition and we found some that we had not been able to locate anywhere else."   (8-12-98)

Melissa, e-mail: CichlidFan@aol.com
      "Everyone arrived in timely fashion and in good shape...eating and having a good ol' time! Once again -- your site, variety and prices are about the best I've seen."   (6-23-98)

Don, e-mail: derway@ndc.com
      "All fish arrived at airport -- no floaters. Thanks for all the help... The fish are great."   (6-6-98)

Orlando, e-mail: orly@ti.com
      "It is refreshing to have someone with a huge selection that I can refer folks to that can handle small and large orders of great quality stock at reasonable prices -- and man what a selection you have!"   (6-1-98)

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