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Joe, e-mail JCYHong@aol.com
     "Picked up the fish tonight from...airport. All are alive with little signs of stress. Thanks so much for the extra effort to rush the order out." (12-27-99)

John, e-mail john.domokos@roche.com
     "My shipment arrived in great condition and the fish are doing fine. The packaging of the fish was exceptional. Thanks for the same-day turnaround on the questions concerning the feeding of my N. leleupi." (12-13-99)

Jon, e-mail jc_blum@hotmail.com
     "Just to let you know that I picked up the fish this morning and all is well. They are exploring their new tank and appear happy." (12-8-99)

Fred, e-mail hybodus@aol.com
     "All arrived, safe and sound. I'll be getting back to you soon for another order. Thanks again." (12-7-99)

John, e-mail jeggen@uswest.net
     "Just wanted to let you know that my order arrived and all fish are doing fine. Thanks for your service." (12-6-99)

Rob, e-mail JHuff8181@aol.com
     "The order arrived on time and all are alive. I hope to do business again in the future." (12-4-99)

Scott, e-mail dsweet@detroitzoo.org
     "Fish (Cyathopharynx foai) arrived in excellent condition. Thanks again!" (11-23-99)

Chris, e-mail RLMconnahy@aol.com
     "Thanks so much for everything! ...I was amazed with the whole setup and how organized everything was. The showroom was more than I had imagined and all the fish were beautiful. ...Oh, I love these catfish (S. multipunctatus)!" (11-16-99)

David, e-mail dpae@emory.edu
     "I'm happy to say that they (my fish) are all doing well. The N. pulcher pair you sold me already have had five separate batches of fry. I want to thank you for helping me get started with East African cichlids. I have enjoyed the fish greatly. I just want to say again that you guys do a GREAT JOB with shipping and your quality." (11-15-99)

Frank, e-mail jrusha@vci.net
     "I have been buying Africans since 1971. Recently I have been buying other places on the web. They would tell me they had something, and then ship something else. You have never done that. I have always been impressed with your fish. They are exactly what you say they are and then some. Your quality is far superior to any other fish I have purchased, and your sales staff is knowledgeable. I will continue to do business with you. I have not one complaint." (10-31-99)

David, e-mail dave@killerphotos.com
     "Just wanted to say thanks for the delivery of Tropheus last Friday. All are doing fine and healthy, plus they look great!" (10-27-99)

Alexander, e-mail IITogoII@aol.com
     "I would like to thank you. My fish came in this morning, after their flight was canceled last night. They are all alive, and look good. Thank you again!" (10-14-99)

Richard, e-mail rlf7@sprintmail.com
     "I wanted to let you know my last shipment arrived safely and all fish are doing well. Thank you for all your attention to detail and care in selecting, packaging, and shipping your fish. You are definitely among the best as a fish supplier and breeder and in my opinion the best open to the public." (9-19-99)

Fred, e-mail gbkennels@ddgn.com
     "I want to thank you again for the nice healthy fishes you sent me. My amazement is that out of over forty fish I purchased from you, I haven't lost any. So in me you have a VERY happy and satisfied customer with a tank full of healthy fishes. May your business flourish...." (9-13-99)

Liv, e-mail LivKhalsa@aol.com
     "Thank you so much for the recent order. I am impressed that you followed up on the airplane shipment problem when they said the fish would not arrive the same day you shipped. Because of your call to the airport, I was informed that I could pick them up the same day as shipped. The fish are doing very well. I am impressed with the H. Salmon's bright and somewhat surreal colors. Your boxing and bagging of the fish was professionally done." (9-5-99)

Carli, e-mail Carli613@aol.com
     "I received my order of lamp. meleagris and chal. brichardi last night. I have to compliment your bagging practices. There was a mixup, of course, and they were not on the 8:19 flight. They could not track them at first, as someone apparently did not submit the tracking number. 2 hrs. later the nice lady at the Delta desk found them on a 11:04 flight. So they made it in quite late, but were in perfect health and ate as soon as they hit the
water!!" (9-4-99)

Russell, e-mail Nothumn1@aol.com
     "I purchased a couple of hundred dollars of fish a few months back. I have had ZERO deaths!! Your fish are awesome. Thanks again. I tell everyone your fish are great!!" (8-26-99)

April, e-mail amethyst@phc.net
     "The Julies I purchased from you two weeks ago have settled in really, really well and they're absolutely gorgeous. In fact they've settled in so well that two have already paired off, chased the other two under the filter intake, and are busy rearranging the gravel in my tank. I'm amazed that they've paired off so quickly but given the excellent health they were in when I received them I suppose it's really not surprising. Luckily I had space in another 10 gallon to put the two other Julies who seem to get along just fine....Also, I must commend you on your excellent packing. None of the 5 terra cotta caves I ordered were damaged and as I've already mentioned the fish were in fantastic condition. Once again, thank you for all your trouble and for sending me such beautiful fish. I've never seen fish available (in my area) that come close to yours. I also wanted to mention that your food is a big hit with ALL my fish..." (8-24-99)

Judy, by U.S. mail
     "I received the fish safe and sound with no problems. I could not believe my eyes when I opened the shipping container...the Sciaenochromis fryeri was just beautiful. I'm hooked. I'll be ordering again soon." (8-23-99)

Andrew, e-mail baldwin@exchange.uta.edu
     "I just wanted to let you know that all the fish that I got from you on Saturday made it back to Arlington safe and sound. They look great!" (8-23-99)

Lloyd, e-mail westfork@nwidt.com
     "The order arrived on time and in great shape. We are glad to have found you as a reliable source for hard to find fish. In our area there is no local supplier of these interesting species. Thanks." (8-22-99)

Chad, e-mail crback00@pop.uky.edu
     "Got the fish; they were great. I will be placing an order for some Julidochromis in the near future. I have told everyone I know about your service." (8-18-99)

Jim, e-mail jameseh@medicine.nodak.edu
     "...The fish are awesome...I can't tell you how much I enjoy your fish. I relish when my friends ask: 'Where do I get my saltwater fish?' They disbelieve that such robust, colorful fish could be freshwater." (8-5-99)

Keith, e-mail MrRepublic@aol.com
     "I just wanted to let you know that I got the fish and they are all in perfect health. NOT EVEN ONE D.O.A.!!!! If I recall correctly, I have only had one D.O.A. out of three orders, which is amazing. Keep up the wonderful work!!!" (8-4-99)

Scott, e-mail waterworld1@home.com
     "Just a quick note to let you guys know that I truly thank you for the wealth of info and quality of service you provide...and to commend you on a truly grade-A, top-notch professional job." (8-4-99)

Maurica and Nils, e-mail fuzzie@itouch.com
     "Someone from Australia asked me where I was finding such unusual specimens. I gave him your web site and he just said 'Wow! What a fantastic selection! What a great site.' He was jealous that we're so close to you." (8-2-99)

Jim, e-mail jim1@ti.com
     "I'm emailing to let you know that the C. leptosoma, N. longior, and the S. petricola I ordered arrived in great condition and are all doing great. The N. longior were jostling to determine who was boss while they were still in the bag. I'll be ordering from you again soon." (7-30-99)

Corey, e-mail coreykaye@aol.com
     "The fish and plants have arrived alive and happy. :-) Not a snag in the entire process. Those Synodontis petricola are so 'cute'!!!" (7-28-99)

Chuck, e-mail cja@pioneerplanet.infi.net
     "I received my shipment of fish last Friday. The fish were packaged very well and arrived in great shape. Both the Chal. brichardi and white A. calvus are doing quite well in my tank. Thank you very much for the great fish and service." (7-24-99)

Juan, e-mail bearmaker1@aol.com
     "All the fish came just perfect!!! If I would have known that the O. ventralis Chimba were so incredibly beautiful, and for that price, I would have bought all the rest of your stock." (7-23-99)

Adam, e-mail Malawiguy@aol.com
     "I'm mailing to inform you that the fish arrived alive and well. They are all very healthy and great quality, the wild Alto. 'White Chaitika' were exceptional. Thanks again, and plan on hearing from me in the future." (7-10-99)

Fred, e-mail scubaemt@hotmail.com
     "This was the first time that I ever bought fish over the internet. All my friends thought I was nuts, including my parents. Let me tell you when I got all the fish in the tank and all was set up, everyone who said I was crazy said these were the nicest fish they have ever seen. I agree, it is without a doubt that you guys run a first class operation and have the greatest quality fish. Needless to say I am extremely happy with my order, and I have decided that I want to add a little more fish into my 45 gal tank. Let me tell all you guys who are thinking of ordering from ARMKE, you have come to the right place. These guys will treat you right from the beginning." (7-10-99)

Chris, e-mail RLMconnahy@aol.com
     "The books are excellent, the best Malawian books I have ever seen. You were right about the little Tanganyikan book - it is well worth twelve dollars, it has been a very helpful book" (6-30-99)

Clare, e-mail 71210.3354@compuserve.com
     "They (the fish) all arrived looking great. K. showed me his collection from you. Those wild caught peacocks were beautiful. As hobbyists, we certainly appreciate your incredible stock and selection. P.S. -- The Oto. lithobates I got from you Easter weekend spawned as soon as I got them home and I'm now raising about 20 fry!" (6-21-99)

Dan, e-mail levin@pixar.com
     "You guys have the best aquarium fish bar none. Without exception, every specimen purchased from you has acclimated to my tank immediately (the P. taeniolatus were grazing for food as soon as they hit the water!). I wish you continuing success and look forward to future acquisitions." (6-1-99)

Maurica and Nils, e-mail fuzzie@itouch.net
     "We really love the 'set' of white calvus you found. Both of those fish are just spectacular looking! We really love that huge Mtosi zebra compressicep as well. ...You seem to work awfully hard at what you do and definitely have the best compressicpes of anyone out there. ...I find them (Altolamprologus) so easy to keep, their size, their hard water needs, their beautiful appearance, peaceful dispositions, it's hard to believe they're cichlids with those easy going personalities. ...Thanks again very much. We love every fish we've gotten at your place by the way." (5-8-99)

Scott, e-mail scott.rogers@nissan-usa.com
     "I was very impressed with how the fish were packaged and arrived to the airport was on time. I do plan on ordering more fish in the future and would like to say thank you for your efforts." (4-30-99)

Adam, e-mail Malawiguy@aol.com
     "All the fish made it. Great packing job, probably the best I've ever seen. Excellent quality fish! You guys can expect to hear from me when I set up my new Tanganyikan tank!" (4-26-99)

Jerry, e-mail rawdio@aol.com
     "The fish arrived in Bangkok (Thailand) on time. My brother-in-law was very happy and impressed with the high survival rate. I understand from him that for such a long journey as many as 25-30% could have died. But with your careful handling and packaging only four died out of 100 fish. He spoke with my wife earlier today and said the fish are very active and healthy. I would like to say thanks again for your patience and courtesy. I have never bought anything that wasn't in front of me before this attempt at e-commerce. There should be some kind of electronic BBB to vouch for guys like you who go the extra mile for their customers. Until then, you can add me to the list of people who will spread good word of mouth about you." (4-16-99)

Emelio, e-mail deniroatic@aol.com
     "Just wanna tell you that those Texas Holey Rocks you sent were the best quality rocks I've ever seen. Gonna tell all my friends about them." (4-16-99)

Frank, e-mail mxmisl@brokersys.com
     "The fish arrived no problems, and look great. As a hobbyist/collector of exotic tetras, I was pleasantly surprised to 'stumble' across your site, and find you have some rare tetras from Stanley Pond and Zaire. These fish arrived in excellent health. The packing was super high quality. Great job!! Thanks a bunch." (4-9-99)

Juan, e-mail bearmaker1@aol.com
     "Just some info. Remember the Ctenopomas you sent me...well they were placed near my sun room which happens to harbor veiled chamaeleons. I normally feed the chamaeleons crickets, some of which have decided to venture into or nearby the aquarium that harbors the Ctenopomas. I noticed that the Ctenopomas were very plump and had more than doubled their original size, now I know why. I left a semi-waterfall to mimic turbulence into the tank, the crickets gather around it, the Ctenopomas jump, hunt and catch the crickets!!!! By the way, I have never seen Chimba Tropheus so red as the ones you sent." (4-7-99)

Brian, e-mail tsrif@aol.com
     "I received my fish. All of them are very healthy... The small colony of cyprichromis look very healthy and happy. Thank you again." (4-7-99)

Chang, e-mail echang@stu.uomhs.edu
     "Just got the Chaitika ventralis a couple of hours ago, and they look great! Looks like the male is ready to breed right now... what with the tassels and all. Thanks again, guys." (4-2-99)

Andy, e-mail baldwin@exchange.uta.edu
     "I was down in New Braunfels from Arlington about three months ago and purchased fish from you--all of which are doing great... I am extremely pleased with the fish that I bought from you. All are growing and look beautiful." (3-30-99)

Chang, e-mail echang@stu.uomhs.edu
     "Hey guys, thanks again for a couple of flawless fish -- you never fail to please. I never have seen O. ventralis that look anything like these... and, by the way, those Benthochromis you sent me really are impessive." (3-23-99)

Bill, e-mail Cottatti@aol.com
     "All the Tropheus arrived at door alive and healthy. You have been very nice to deal with and we'll be doing all our business with you in the future." (3-23-99)

Dan, e-mail awsomedan@webtv.net
     "Received my order on Thursday... Everything seemed above expectations!! Alive and well... I definitely will be ordering again soon. Thanks again!!" (3-22-99)

Chris, e-mail Byarsrus@aol.com
     "You were very patient and helpful with my ordering and questions about the process. I couldn't have been more pleased. The fish are just simply beautiful. The Mwela compressiceps are definitely bright, wow! I mean gorgeous. The nigripinnis definitely add to the tank...these are my first but not the last.! All of the fish are just like you said including healthy. Pick up went smooth also. You will definitely be hearing from me again." (3-21-99)

John, e-mail johnvz@jhunix.hcf.jhu.edu
     "I am pleased to report that the fish arrived in excellent condition and that the service was topnotch to say the least. The packing and fish prep was truly outstanding. Once again thanks for the great fish and a special tip of the hat on the receipt of the ovigerous Zebra Stripe Cyprichromis." (3-20-99)

Keith, e-mail KMcLeod@PerrierGroup.com
     "My order arrived as planned and not a single DOA. This is very good considering the size of the order. All are eating very well. I am very impressed with the quality of your fish and service." (3-16-99)

Chang, e-mail echang@stu.uomhs.edu
     "Got the Benthochromis today and they are amazing! I fed the other fish in the tank a couple of hours later, and (unexpectedly) they were eating as eagerly as the old-timers. You were right, they are cool as heck!" (3-13-99)

Jolly, e-mail jolly@adisfwb.com
     "It's amazing how many people have asked me about your outstanding service and fishes. Word of mouth seems to be a valuable asset when recommending the quality of one's service. I have had nothing but positive feedback, since you make absolutely certain I receive nothing short of the absolute best when I order from you." (3-7-99)

Andrew, e-mail andrew@mak.net
     "Hey, I got the fish. They are fantastic! Thanks. I'm a very happy customer." (3-7-99)

Jerry, e-mail Jafaist@aol.com
     "I would just like to let you know how satisfied I was with the delivery of fish I got from you about 2 weeks ago. They were larger than you said, they were very healthy, and I am enjoying them immensely. The lemon jakes should be spawning soon, the electric blue maleri are coming into color, and the Cyprichromis leptosoma Utinta are looking nice and should be breeding soon. Thanks again. I'll recommend you guys to anyone." (3-4-99)

Randy, e-mail Kazooie@netscape.net
     "I received the Tropheus moorii and I am pleased to say that they are all alive and healthy." (3-2-99)

Greg, e-mail greg.horwitz@eds.com
     "Keegan, I got the holey rock last Thursday or Friday. It looks great. There are some really impressive looking pieces and of really nice size. Can't wait to get started. It shouldn't take any time at all with what you sent me." (2-22-99)

Charley, e-mail Charley.Sabatino@unilever.com
     "The fish are doing great!!! Thanks guys, you did it again." (2-22-99)

Don, e-mail derway@ndc.com
     "All the new fish are still doing great. Thanks very much. The compressiceps is stunning!" (2-21-99)

Art, e-mail artmedeiros@juno.com
     "Your company is obviously a first-class operation. Before I put in my order, both Ken and Keegan provided thorough, complete, thoughtful answers to my questions. During the ordering, delivery, and after completion, I've found the attention to detail to be a cut above the normal operation. ARAF is, obviously, a group of caring professionals with some beautiful fish as well." (2-17-99)

Chang, e-mail echang@stu.uomhs.edu
     "I received my Synodontis and Ophthalmotilapia today, and they look fantastic! Thanks for all the good info and courteous service. I am always hesitant when ordering the first time from someone (you've got to admit, mail ordering fish can be such a dodgy affair!). But I am quite satisfied with your business; and thankful to boot, since trying to find non-Mbuna Africans out here is kind of like trying to find Cuban cigars at the corner gas station -- it just doesn't happen. Anyway, you can bet that I (and perhaps a few other Iowans) may be spending more money with you in the future." (2-17-99)

Greg, greg.horwitz@eds.com
     "Just wanted to say the fish looked great, no losses. Can hardly wait til they get a little bigger and the color begins to show well. The shipment showed up right at noon like you said!" (2-17-99)

Sat, e-mail Pono22@aol.com
     "I wanted to thank you and let you know that I got the fish and they look great. It was a pleasure doing business with you." (2-3-99)

Butch, e-mail butchbantug@mindspring.com
     "Got back into Atlanta last Friday and checked on all the fish I purchased from you and everyone looked good ...... no casualties. I want to thank you for allowing me to personally visit your facility.....it was definitely worth the trip." (2-1-99)

Steve, e-mail superasma@email.msn.com
     "Just thought I'd let you know all the fish arrived in great shape and made the transfer to my tank with no problems. It's been a pleasure doing business with you, and you can be sure I will highly recommend you to my fish buddies." (1-26-99)

Gary, e-mail prokop@njdmava.state.nj.us
     "The fish arrived in great shape. I will pass the word on your great service. I won't hesitate to order again. The Petcos and those types of stores are taking over, and I can tell...you guys may be the only way to get good Africans." (1-25-99)

Russ, e-mail rgurley@telepath.com
     "My fish arrived tonight in great shape...seven bags of fish and not a single casualty! The female P. bleekeri is gorgeous! I am very happy. In the next few weeks, I'll definitely want to place another order. I will be sending some of my Tanganyikan and Malawi friends over as well. I know that they'll be glad they called you guys. Thanks again for your great service! I look forward to working together with you a lot this year." (Russ is director of the Turtle and Tortoise Preservation Group, www.batagur.com) (1-23-99)

Rich, e-mail rlavrich@kent.edu
     "Just wanted to let you know that I got my order and all were alive and well. I'm very pleased with the fish, and I'll be happy to do business with you again." (1-21-99)

George, e-mail farris@iquest.net
     "Just wanted to let you know that all the (fish) I ordered...came in great shape. I am very pleased...very satisfied customer." (1-17-99)

Maurica and Nils, e-mail fuzzie@itouch.net
     "All fish made it just fine. We are the couple who got the purple rainbow tropheus, orange compressiceps, cyp. leptosoma Mpimbwe elec. blue, congo tetras, Kirizi kaiser tropheus, etc. So anyway, now that we admire some of these beautiful fish in our tanks, we want more." (12-31-98) "The beautiful fish that we got from you are healthy, hard to find, incredibly fair priced and thriving in our tanks. As far as we are concerned, you are the best kept secret in Texas...no more fish stores for us looking at the same old things. As Africans go, no one has what you do in terms of beauty, price and exotic finds! You never got annoyed with all our questions and have such genuine enthusiasm for this work of yours...on a scale of 1-10, you're 100." (1-13-99)

Bill, e-mail chambers_bill@hotmail.com
     "We received our order at the airport last night. It was on time and everything was in order. All of the fish were alive and looked good. The bags were clarly marked so that we had no trouble separating our orders. All of the fish look very healthy and large specimens displayed good color, even after the plane ride." (1-5-99) "I'm happy to report that my new arrivals are doing great. Thank you again." (1-8-99)

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