OHI Trading Company's
Vehicle Warranty Program

(January 5, 2005)
(Important Warranty Dislaimer: OHI Trading Company, in and of itself, provides no warranties on the vehicles it sells. Unless
specifically detailed in writing and signed by an owner of OHI Trading Company, all vehicles and their components are sold strictly on an as-is,
where-is basis, and all other warranties, either expressed or implied, are hereby expressly disclaimed, including any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, and OHI Trading Company neither assumes nor authorizes any other person to assume for it any liability in connection with the sale of said product. Warranties applicable to a motor vehicle, if any, are those made by the manufacturer(s) of the vehicle and/or its equipment components, or--as detailed below--are as purchased through any of the several vehicle warranty companies which sell and provide warranties on pre-owned vehicles. It is important for the purchaser of a vehicle to understand that any such warranty is exclusively with the warranty company and not with OHI Trading Company.)


(Extended, more comprehensive warranties are available.)

Our free warranty plan covers up to $500 expense
on the following components:

    1. ENGINE. Internally lubricated parts. Crankshaft and Bearings - Oil Pump - Pistons and Piston Rings - Connecting Rods and Rod Bearings - Timing Gears and Chain or Belt - Camshaft and Camshaft Bearings - Push Rods - Rocker Arms, Rocker Arm Shaft and Hydraulic Lifters - Intake and Exhaust Valves - Valve Springs. Engine blocks are also covered if mechanical failure was caused by the above listed parts.

    2a. AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION. Internal transmission parts consisting of Gears - Input and Output Shafts - Bearings - Front Pump - Planetary Assemblies - Transmission Case - Overdrive Carrier - Reaction Carrier - Sensor Support - Parking Lock Actuator - Stator and Stator Shaft - Separator Plate - Pressure Regulator Valve - Dip Stick and Filler Tube - Sprags - Governor Assembly - Valve Body - Torque Converter.

      2s. STANDARD TRANSMISSION. Internal transmission parts consisting of Gears - Input and Output Shafts - Bearings - Overdrive Housing and Transmission Case if malfunction was caused by the listed parts. (Clutch plate, pressure plate, flywheel, release and pilot bearing are NOT included.)

    3a. DRIVE AXLE ASSEMBLY - 2-WHEEL DRIVE. Drive Shaft - Ring and Pinion Gears - Pinion Bearings - Side Carrier Bearings - Carrier Assembly - Thrust Washers - Axle and Axle Bearings - Universal and CV Joints (except if boot was damaged or missing). Drive axle housing is also covered if damage is caused by failure of listed lubricated parts.

    3b. DRIVE AXLE ASSEMBLY - 4-WHEEL AND ALL-WHEEL DRIVE. Transfer Case including Gears, Main Shaft, Drive Train, Thrust Washer and Shims, Bearings. Front Drive Shaft, Differential, Axles, U-Joints and CV Joints (except if boot was damaged or missing). 4-WHEEL DRIVE SURCHARGE APPLIES.

    4. COOLING. Water Pump (limited to 50% of parts and labor costs on Plan 1).

    5. ELECTRICAL. Alternator, Starter and Voltage Regulator (limited to 50% of parts and labor costs on Plan 1).

    6. SEALS & GASKETS. Seals and Gaskets are covered in conjuction with repair of above listed components. Failed seals and gaskets by themselves on above listed components are covered only when "Seals & Gaskets" option is selected and paid for.

    7. 24-HOUR ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE. Towing - Flat Tire Changing - Fuel and Fluid Delivery - Lock-out Serivce - "Jump" Starting, and Concierge Service.

    8. RENTAL CAR. In the event of mechanical breakdown of a covered component, the Agreement Holder will be reimbursed up to $35.00 per day for a rental vehicle for each 4 hours of covered repair time as determined by a national flat-rate guide. Total not to exceed $175.00. Rental receipts are required for reimbursement.

    IMPORTANT. The above coverages are as listed by the after-market warranty company on Jan. 1, 2005, and are subject to change by the company. OHI Trading Company shall not be responsible for changes in coverage made by the warranty company. Precise coverage will be provided to customers at the time of purchase of a vehicle covered by warranty. In no case shall OHI Trading Company be held liable for repair and assistance services which are not specifically included and in force as part of the warranty package subscribed to by the vehicle purchaser/warranty holder at the time of purchase.