Commemorative Military Silver-Plate & Glass (very rare), AAK1209

Circa: Dated 1905

Maker: WMF/Germany

Size: 1/2 liter

Material: Silver plated metal holding an hand-engraved crystal liner. Lid has large eagle finial with spread wings.

Design: The silver-plate is heavily embossed with busts and grape vines and panels bearing the dates 1895 and 1905. There are two lines of text: "Aus Dankbarkeit f. 10 jahr. Dienste als Mitg. d. Ges. Verstandes" and "gew. v. K. L. Mil. Verein 'Sachs. Grenadiere'." (commemorating 10 years of service 1895 to 1905) The glass insert can be removed completely and is surrounded by a hand-engraved geometric design.

Notes: Mint condition.

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