Antique Porcelain Regimental Stein--Cavalry, AAK1391

Circa: Dated 1893-1896

Maker: Unmarked

Size: .5 liter

Material: Porcelain with pewter lid

Design: A German Cavalry regimental design, the stein is marked 2nd Baden Dragoon Regiment No. 21 of the 28th Cavalry Divison, with garrison at Bruchsal, Schwetzingen. The scenes and enameling are very elaborate with a roster prominently painted on either side of the central design. The stein is dated as above and name to Dragoner Knecht. A bottom lithophane depicts a soldier and his lady.

Lid: Very elaborate pewter lid includes a large griffin and shield thumblift and a finial portraying a cavalryman and his horse.

Notes: Mint except for very minor wear.


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