Pintail Sunset by OHI/Gerz, OHI 005

Artist: Pat Ford, an American wildlife painter

Maker: Gerz/Germany, commissioned by OHI; lithographic transfers printed in U.S. and supplied by OHI.

Size: 2 Liters

Material: Stoneware

Lid: Pewter with figurine of pintail duck. Artwork for the figurine was supplied by OHI, and molds for the figurine were executed exclusively for this stein by Gerz master modeller Edwin Breiden. The figurine is made of hand-painted stoneware.

Design: Full-color lithograph made from an original painting by Pat Ford. The painting was commissioned for the stein. This stein, a large two liters in size, was created to be the "serving piece" of a five-stein grouping that also includes the OHI 001, OHI 002, OHI 003 and OHI004 creations.

Color: The stein body itself is a orange and brown sunset color combination accented with 14k gold bands above and below the design.

Text: Only Pat Ford's signature on the body.

Notes: This was the No. 5 stein in OHI's American Wildlife Stein Series. Individually numbered, bottom stamped and limited to 1950 pieces worldwide, the stein was produced and sold out in the late 1980s. Original retail price was $175. Secondary market examples command a premium.

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