The Elephant Stein by OHI/Thewalt, OHI 0201

Artist: OHI and Thewalt staffs

Maker: Thewalt/Germany, commissioned by OHI.

Size: 1 Liter

Material: Stoneware

Lid: Early pieces were fitted with a pewter lid able to incorporate an impressive stoneware figurine of an African elephant (left). Molds for the figurine were executed exclusively for this stein by Thewalt master modeller Cesare Cardinales. Because of shipment and breakage problems due to the tusks of the figurine, later pieces were fitted with an ornamental pewter lid as shown at right.

Design: Deep bas relief portrays the elephant in its African environment, with hand-painted earth-color shades. The relief band at the bottom depicts lion heads and other African symbols. The handle is in the shape of the head and trunk of an elephant.

Color: As shown. There are gold bands around the body of the stein.

Notes: This was the the second in OHI's Great Animals of the World Stein Series. Individually numbered, bottom stamped and limited to 2500 pieces worldwide, the stein was introduced in 1991. Original retail price was about $175. Secondary market examples, especially with the elephant figurine intact, command a large premium.

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