Gambrinus Stein, TH 1830604

Maker: Thewalt/Germany

Size: .75 Liter

Material: Stoneware

Lid: Pewter

Design: Relief depicts Gambrinus, the mythical king credited with "inventing" beer. Hops, malts and beer barrel reliefs also adorn the stein.

Color: Shades of cobalt blue against a cobalt blue and gray background.

Text: Gambrinus werde ich genannt...könig von Flandern und Brabant...Ich habe aus Gerste Malz gemacht...und zuerst das Bier erdacht...Drum können die Brauer mit Stolz befunden...Dass ein König es war, der das Bier erfunden. (Roughly: Gambrinus I was called, king of Flanders and Brabant. I have made malt from hops, and was the first to produce beer. Therefore, brewers can with pride proclaim that it was a king who founded their beer.)

Notes: New stein imported from Germany. Each stein is individually numbered from a worldwide edition limited to 10000 steins.

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