Herring Stein, TH 6060200

Maker: Thewalt

Size: .5 Liter

Material: Stoneware

Lid: Stoneware herring heads, radish finial, pewter hinge and thumblift. Pewter thumblift is in the shape of a cat.

Design: Humorous relief decor features cats peeking out between the layers of herring. There is also a relief of a cat's face on the handle.

Colors: Multi-color

Text: Den grössten Kater lehrt Erfahrung, Bezwingt ein guter saurer Harung. (Roughly: The biggest tomcat learns from experience that he can be conquered by a good, sour herring.) Note: "Tomcat" is a German expression for hangover. Sour herrings and radishes are considered cures for hangovers.

Notes: This is a new stein imported from Germany. Each stein is individually numbered in an edition limited to 5000 steins worldwide. The mold for the Herring Stein is quite old and apparently originated with the renowned old company Reinhold Merkelbach. Thewalt acquired the mold for production after the Reinhold Merkelbach firm was acquired by Goebel in the 1970s and, for the most part, ceased production of relief steins.

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