1972 Dated Wurstfest Mugs

Producer: Opa's Haus, bodies by Gerz of Germany

Sizes: .5 and 1 Liter sizes produced

Edition Size: 250 total made on gray-colored and cream-colored earthenware bodies. No breakdown was kept by size or color.

Artist: W.J. (Bill) Kneuper

From the Book, 25 Years of Wurstfest Mugs: "Confession time! The 1972 Wurstfest Mug wasn't offered in 1972; in fact, it wasn't even produced until 1973. R.B. McDonald, my original partner, and I decided to begin a dated series of mugs--each with a different design--in 1973 (to lure customers into buying a new one each year, of course!). I had the dumb idea that we should back-track and offer both a 1972- and 1973-dated mug simultaneously. Prior to Wurstfest 1973, we produced 250 of the 1972 mugs and 500 of the 1973 mugs. Due to the circumstances, the 1973 mugs sold out much quicker. However, the 1972 mug is the rarest in terms of actual numbers (250) of any mug in the regular OHI series. The cream-colored mug was introduced for the first time, and it was an immediate hit, outselling the more traditional gray. Also for the first time, the full-liter size mugs were offered, also in both body colors. The Falstaffian-looking Opa character who adorns the 1972 mug was the product of a now-unidentified artist. I think the 1972 mug originally sold for $4.95. Avidly sought in the secondary market today, the lone available cream half-liter mug sold for $300 in late 1994." --Ken Armke

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