1982 Dated Wurstfest Mugs & Lidded Steins

Producer: Opa's Haus, bodies by Gerz of Germany

Sizes: .5 Liter

Edition Size: 2185 total made, stoneware bodies. There were 1985 .5-liter mugs (1320 cream, 665 gray) and 200 lidded steins (130 cream, 70 gray).

Artist: Pelzel

Lid Figurine Artist: Edwin Breiden

From the Book, 25 Years of Wurstfest Mugs: "When we could not get assurance that Gerz would resume production of the one-liter mug (see 1980 and 1981 writeups), we decided to discontinue it from the series. A complete collection of this item--the 10 dated pieces from 1972 through 1981 inclusive--would be exceedingly difficult to put together today. Outside the Opa's Haus archives collection, I personally know of no such collection in existence. With rough sketches and guidance provided from our end, Gerz artist Pelzel rendered the design for the 1982 mug in Germany. While there is little about the 1982 issue to maket it especially noteworthy in the series, it did produce a real rarity never before publicly revealed. When the shipment arrived from Germany, all of the lidded steins had been mistakenly produced with normal flat pewter lids instead of the ordered figurine-type lids. While Gerz mad and air-shipped the corrected steins, we at Opa's Haus busily cut the pewter lids off the error pieces and made them into mugs! That is, we did this on all but a few pieces which were retained as souvenirs of the effort. I think there are three surviving examples with the original flat pewter lids. The original price of the 1982 mug was $9.52 and about $40 for the stein." --Ken Armke

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