1997 Dated Wurstfest Mugs & Lidded Steins

Producer: Opa's Haus, bodies by Thewalt of Germany

Sizes: .5 Liter

Edition Size: 1150 total made. There were 1000 .5-liter mugs (500 gray with blue bands, 500 cream with gold bands) and 150 lidded steins (75 gray with blue bands, 75 cream with gold bands).

Artist: Paul Tadlock

Lid: Pewter with special "Beer Clock" fitting

For the 1997 Wurstfest stein, we specified to Paul Tadlock that we wanted the central character to be an armadillo—the idea being that the armadillo would symbolize the Texas part of the Texas-German heritage that makes Wurstfest so special. After some initial struggles with the design ("Every time I dress him for Wurstfest, he ceases to look like an armadillo!"), Paul gave us a well-received wrap-around design of armadillos dancing on a Wurstfest stage. We went back to two mug color variations—gray with blue bands and cream with gold bands—and offered the same combination on the lidded stein. The stein was offered for the first time without a lid figurine. Some regular collectors expressed disappointment, but the interesting "beer clock" adornment, plus a $15 reduction in price, gave the stein a high degree of acceptance. In fact, less than a handful of each color were left by the end of Wurstfest 1997. Meanwhile, all mugs sold out prior to the end of Wurstfest, the gold-banded cream mugs selling out slightly ahead of the blue-banded gray mugs. Issue prices were $22.50 for mugs and $60.00 for steins.--Ken Armke

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