Wurstfest 40th Anniversary Stein (2000)

Producer: Opa's Haus, body specially produced for the stein in the German stoneware capital, Hoehr-Grenzhausen thanks to the efforts of Albert and Erika Thewalt.

Sizes: 1 Liter

Edition Size: 40 steins

Artist: Combined effort. The design on the body is hand-incised.

Lid: Pewter with procelain inset bearing the official 40th Anniversary logo of Wurstfest. The logo is reproduced with the permission and courtesy of the Wurstfest Association.

Details: In planning the design for this stein, I was mindful of the history of stein-making. First, I wanted something with a high degree of hand work to exemplify and emphasize the importance of artistry in the making of steins. Second, I wanted to "reintroduce" true salt glaze to today's collector...who doesn't realize how rare it is anymore! Third, I could envision a product patterned somewhat after Oktoberfest (Munich) commemorative steins as they appeared early in the century. There are only 40 steins in this edition (one for each of the Wurstfests through 2000!), so to those of you who get one of the special steins...ENJOY! --Ken Armke

(Note: Albert Thewalt, while managing to get the stein produced for us in his hometown of Hoehr-Grenzhausen, said that none of the former makers are producing the salt-glazed steins at present--at least not in the full-liter size. He persuaded one to make these few pieces for your collections. ...So, you're welcome to say that this is a very rare stein indeed.)

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