Wurstfest 45th Anniversary Stein (2005)

Producer: Opa's Haus, body specially produced for the stein in the German stoneware capital, Hoehr-Grenzhausen thanks to the efforts of Albert and Erika Thewalt.

Sizes: Approximately .5 liter.

Edition Size: Maximum of 250 steins.

Artist: Computer generated by Ken Armke using art elements provided by the Wurstfest Association.

Lid: Ornamental pewter lid with attached pewter figurine made in Germany and portraying the official "Wurstfest Opa" as recently revised.

Details: Long in the planning stage, this stein pays homage to all of the presidents (1961-2005) of Wurstfest. The presidents and their year(s) of service are listed to either side of the center decoration. The center decoration itself features the Wurstfest Opa in color flanked above and below by elements of the official Wurstfest "45th Anniversary" logo. There is also text that reads "The Honor Roll of Wurstfest Presidents". The stein is further enhanced by its heavy stoneware body and the lavish use of real gold banding in combination with cobalt blue.

(The Presidents as Listed: Ed Grist 1961-1966, Jo Faust 1967, Joe Chapman 1968, C. Herb Skoog 1969, Walter Zeisig 1970, Mitch Sacco 1971, John Doster 1972, Milton Kaderli 1973, Jack Ohlrich 1974, O.E. Henricks 1975, Stanley Woodward 1976, Robert Henry 1977, Alfred Celli 1978, Bill Kolodzie 1979, Donnie Seay 1980, J.C. Reagan 1981, Ed Kadlecek Jr. 1982, Carroll Hoffmann 1983, S.D. David Jr. 1984, Joe Rogers 1985, Doyle Krueger 1986, Clinton Brandt 1987, H. Fritz Welsch 1988, Robert H. Sohn 1989, John T. Dierksen 1990, Benno Engel 1991, Mike Dietert 1992, Gary Bird 1993, Joe Kuehler 1994, W.R. Smith 1995, Russell W. Brandt 1996, Larry Brumbelow 1997, Dennis Heitkamp 1998, M.D. Fischer 1999, David C. Lamon 2000, Ron DeStefano 2001, Hal Herbelin Jr. 2002, Ron Voges 2003, Doug Miller 2004, Jeff Albrect 2005.)

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