OH5 SG-50 Salt-Glazed 50th Wurstfest Tribute Stein (2010)

Producer: OHI, body specially produced for the stein in the German stoneware capital, Hoehr-Grenzhausen, thanks to the efforts of Albert and Erika Thewalt. True and traditional salt-glazed stoneware, as this stein is produced from, is an ever-increasing rarity in Germany due to the special kilns and hand labor needed to produce it.

Sizes: Approximately 1 liter.

Edition Size: 50 steins.

Artist: Brent McCarthy, representing the New Braunfels Art League, provided the basic design as original artwork. His signature appears on the stein. Borders were added by OHI staff using computer graphics.

Lid: Pewter lid with a porcelain inlay bearing the offical "Wurstfest 50" logo of the Wurstfest Association.

Details: Especially noteworthy on this stein are the following: 1) the rendition of the Wursthalle in the background; 2) the representation of Comal Creek flowing through the property; and 3) the repetitional (and decreasingly smaller) portrayals of the costumed Wurstfester and the mug itself.

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