OH5 WF-50 '50 Years of Wurstfest' Stein (2010)

Producer: OHI, body specially produced for the stein by the German stein-making firm of KingWerke.

Sizes: Approximately 3/4 liter.

Edition Size: 50 individually numbered steins.

Artwork: Bas relief artwork of eagles and flags provided by KingWerke. Front transfer design provided by OHI courtesy of the Wurstfest Association.

Lid: Pointed pewter lid.

Details: The frontal logo is the new (2010) 50th Wurstfest logo adopted by the Wurstfest Association. To one side is the American eagle poised above the flags of the United States and Germany. On the other side is the German eagle poised above the flags of Texas and Germany. the stein features hand-painting and a heavy pewter lid. All German-made, of course--and exclusive from OHI.

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