Wurstfest Limited Edition Stein
This stein is offered in your choice of blue, gray or black as shown....and with classic pewter lid or with special pewter “Opa” figurine lid. Each color is offered with either lid selection while quantities last.

Producer: Opa's Haus, body specially produced for the stein in the German stoneware capital, Hoehr-Grenzhausen thanks to the efforts of Albert and Erika Thewalt.

Sizes: .75 liter.

Edition Size: Maximum of 250 steins of all types and body colors.

Artist: Computer generated by Ken Armke using art elements provided by the Wurstfest Association in combination with colors of the German flag.

Lid: Pewter lid. Some very limited examples have an attached pewter figurine made in Germany and portraying the official "Wurstfest Opa".

Details: Wurstfest Opa, German flag colors, an actual Wursthalle scene. Featuring a bas relief body from Thewalt, the stein is offered in three different colors—and also with Opa figurine lids. Production is strictly limited to 250 steins total!

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