2004 Dated Wurstfest Mug, OH 2004-2B and OH 2004-2G

Available: October 2004

Maker: "Gold Edition" (right) by Thewalt/Germany in special production for OHI Collectibles. Blue-banded (left) produced
in Germany under auspices of Thewalt.

Size: .5 liter

Material: Stoneware.

Design: Transfer decoration produced from artwork composite by Ken Armke. Background
of Wurstfest grounds courtesy of Wurstfest

Text: Wurstfest 2004 and New Braunfels incorporated into the artwork. There is a text
frame with the German wording: "Bei Wurstfest und Gemuetlichkeit vergeht fuer jeden schnell die Zeit!" Roughly translated, this means "With Wurstfest and good fellowship, time passes quickly for everyone!"

Notes: Total edition limited to 1000 mugs, 500 cream with gold banding (Gold Edition) and 500 grey with blue banding.

Details: Design of the mug is "traditional" by Wurstfest mug standards, featuring an attractive (but fictional) young lady in elaborate dirndl dress and positioned inside a gold frame; the block of German text; lederhosen-clad musicians to either side; a background that is a depiction of part of the Wurstfest grounds; and an official Wurstfest logo. The cream-colored, gold-banded "Gold Edition" sports a bottom decal with the Thewalt logo and the text "Original Thewalt. Gold Edition. Made in Germany."