1999 Dated Wurstfest Mug, OH 1999-2

Available: October 1999

Maker: Thewalt/Germany in special production for OHI Collectibles & Gifts

Size: .5 liter

Material: Stoneware

Design: Transfer decoration produced from original artwork by Paul Tadlock. It is a companion piece for
the Wurstfest 2000 design.

Text: Wurstfest 1999 and New Braunfels

Notes: Total edition limited to 1000 mugs, 500 each cream with gold banding and gray with blue banding.
The 1999 mug sold out prior to Wurstfest 2000.

Details: The 1999 Wurstfest Mug is the 29th annual in a series beginning in 1971. Since 1972, all editions in the series have been dated, with earlier, sold-out editions now commanding premium prices.