2003 Dated Wurstfest Mug and Stein,
OH 2003-2 and OH 2003-29

Maker: Thewalt/Germany in special production for OHI Collectibles & Gifts

Size: .5 liter

Material: Stoneware with pewter lid.

Design: Transfer decoration produced from artwork composite by Ken Armke.

Text: Wurstfest 2003 and New Braunfels incorporated into the artwork.

Notes: Total edition limited to 150 steins, 90 cream with gold banding and 60 gray with blue banding. The 2002 Wurstfest Mug is the 32nd annual in a series beginning in 1971. Since 1972, all editions in the series have been dated, with earlier, sold-out editions now commanding premium prices.

Details: Design of the 2003 issue pays homage to Lederhosen, the Bavarian-style leather pants which are required attire for all of the several hundred members of the Wurstfest Association. A typical "Opa"-looking character adorns the center of the design, flanked by identical renditions of a pair of Lederhosen. Symbols of festivity are added in the flag-type frames which help spell out the word "Wurstfest" and the year "2003". Silhouettes also help carry out the theme of Wurstfest. The lid, designed especially to our specifications by Thewalt in Germany, features a bust thumblift and a special pewter lid inset. The inset depicts a man with a stein of beer and a pipe, above which is a scroll of text with the word, "Gemuetlichkeit". The German word Gemuetlichkeit, closely associated with Wurstfest, loosely translates to "good fellowship".