2004 Dated Wurstfest Stein, OH 2004-29B and OH 2004-29G

Available: October 2004

Maker: Maker: "Gold Edition" (right) by Thewalt/Germany in special production for OHI Collectibles. Blue-banded (left) produced in Germany under auspices of Thewalt.

Size: .5 liter

Material: Stoneware with pewter lid.

Design: Transfer decoration produced from artwork composite by Ken Armke. Background of Wurstfest grounds courtesy of Wurstfest Association.

Text: Wurstfest 2004 and New Braunfels incorporated into the artwork. There is a text frame with the German wording: "Bei Wurstfest und Gemuetlichkeit vergeht fuer jeden schnell die Zeit!" Roughly translated, this means "With Wurstfest and good fellowship, time passes quickly for everyone!"

Notes: Total edition limited to 150 steins, 90 cream with gold banding (Gold Edition) and 60 grey with blue banding.

Details: Design of the stein is "traditional" by Wurstfest stein standards, featuring an attractive (but fictional) young lady in elaborate dirndl dress and positioned inside a gold frame; the block of German text; lederhosen-clad musicians to either side; a background that is a depiction of part of the Wurstfest grounds; and an official Wurstfest logo. The cream-colored, gold-banded "Gold Edition" sports a bottom decal with the Thewalt logo and the text "Original Thewalt. Gold Edition. Made in Germany." The lid, designed especially to our specifications by Thewalt in Germany, differs on the two versions. On the blue-banded grey stein it features a bust thumblift and a special pewter lid inset. The inset depicts a man with a stein of beer and a pipe, above which is a scroll of text with the word, "Gemuetlichkeit". On the "Gold Edition", there is a pewter figurine rendition of "Liesl" in her typical beer-serving pose plus the bust thumblift rendition of "Seppl", the Bavarian.