2008 Dated Wurstfest Stein, OH 2008-29

Issued: October 2008

Maker: Maker: "Gold Edition" by Thewalt/Germany in special production for OHI Collectibles.

Size: .5 liter

Material: Stoneware with pewter lid. Lid figurine is pewter rendition of the revised "Wurstfest Opa" symbol, made in Germany.

Design: Transfer decoration produced from design expressly created for the 2008 Wurstfest Mug and Stein at OHI’s request by Paul Bower and Mary Johnson, working in behalf of the New Braunfels Art League. The "Stein Dancers 2008" design is a sequel to the popular 2006 "Stein Parade" and the 2007 "Stein Stampede" designs. Tentatively, this is the third and final in a three-year series.

Text: Stein Dancers 2008...New Braunfels, Texas. On the left is the credit: Artwork by New Braunfels Art League.

Notes: Total edition limited to 100 steins, cream with gold banding (Gold Edition). All pieces were sold out in 2008 and are now available only on the secondary market.

Details: The steins sport the Thewalt logo in the form of an impressed stamp on the bottom. Here's what the full design looks like: