1999 Dated Wurstfest Stein, OH 1999-29

Available: October 1999

Maker: Thewalt/Germany in special production for OHI Collectibles & Gifts

Size: .5 liter

Material: Stoneware with pewter lid

Design: Transfer decoration produced from original artwork by Paul Tadlock. This design is a companion to the Wurstfest 2000 design.

Text: Wurstfest 1999 and New Braunfels

Notes: Total edition limited to 174 steins, 87 cream with gold banding and 87 gray with blue banding. The edition has been increased by 24 pieces from 1998. The edition was sold out prior to Wurstfest 2000.

Details: The new figural thumblift is a perfect match for Tadlock's 1999 artwork and, in our opinion, adds immensely to the appeal of the stein. Special pewter lid inset for this stein also depicts a man with a stein of beer and a pipe, above which is a scroll of text with the word, "Gemuetlichkeit". The German word Gemuetlichkeit, closely associated with Wurstfest, loosely translates to "good fellowship".