1986 Dated Wurstfest Mugs & Lidded Steins

Producer: Opa's Haus, bodies by Gerz of Germany

Sizes: .5 Liter

Edition Size: 2500 total made, stoneware bodies. There were 2300 .5-liter mugs (1150 cream with brown bands, 1150 gray with blue bands) and 200 lidded steins (100 cream with brown bands, 100 gray with blue bands).

Artist: Lowell Davis

Lid Figurine Artist: Edwin Breiden

From the Book, 25 Years of Wurstfest Mugs: "For 1986, the edition limit was once again increased to 2500 total pieces, and, with the help of another winning effort by Lowell Davis, this time each of the 2500 pieces was needed. Lowell's artwork--dogs running off with Opa's Wurst--was a perfect sequel to his 1985 design, and, on the stein, it was complemented nicely by Edwin Breiden's stoneware figurine of a zither player. The match with the 1985 design is so good that, in my mind, I nearly always pair the 1986 mug with the 1985 to the point they are almost inseparable. Issue prices in 1986 were $12.37 for the mug and $49.50 for the stein. All 2500 pieces were sold prior to Wurstfest 1987. By 1986, the blue-banded gray mug had caught up with the brown-banded cream mug in popularity. Equal numbers of the two color varieties were produced for the next five years." --Ken Armke

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