1992 Dated Wurstfest Mugs & Lidded Steins

Producer: Opa's Haus, bodies by Thewalt of Germany

Sizes: .5 Liter

Edition Size: 2000 total made. There were 1700 .5-liter mugs (850 gray with blue bands, 850 gray with red bands) and 300 lidded steins (cream with blue bands).

Artist: Lowell Davis

Lid Figurine Artist: Lowell Davis

From the Book, 25 Years of Wurstfest Mugs: "For the 1992 Wurstfest Mug, we finally got Lowell Davis to do the animal orchestra theme we'd been wanting for years (see text with 1987 mug). Due primarily to health reasons, it was to be Lowell's last in the Wurstfest series. I consider it to be one of the finest designs in the series, but sales didn't reflect this. For one thing, weather interfered with festival attendance. For another, the red on the red-banded mugs arrived a little washed out and, while the blue-banded mugs sold out rather quickly, we still had 40 of the red-banded mugs to sell as this was written (1995). The stein, for some reason, has been even more of a problem to sell out with 83 pieces left. Perhaps it is the figurine. The tuba-playing pig was sculpted by Lowell, cold-cast by El Arte Azteca in Mexico City, and painted by Opa's Haus' own technicians. At any rate, the stein--at Opa's Haus' current offering--would appear to be a bargain in comparison to other steins in the series. Original prices were $19.50 for the mug and $75.00 for the stein." --Ken Armke

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