1993 Dated Wurstfest Mugs & Lidded Steins, Fritz and Friends

Producer: Opa's Haus, bodies by Thewalt of Germany

Sizes: .5 Liter

Edition Size: 1750 total made. There were 1600 .5-liter mugs (800 gray with blue bands, 800 gray with green bands) and 150 lidded steins (cream with blue bands).

Artist: Paul Tadlock

Lid Figurine Artist: Paul Tadlock

From the Book, 25 Years of Wurstfest Mugs: "In 1992, I had met and immediately become fast friends with Paul Tadlock. Paul is a sculptor of national renown who happens to live in New Braunfels. His commissions have included, among others, bigger-than-life bronzes of Walter Payton (for Chicago) and Ben Hogan (Fort Worth Country Club). His specialty, however, is wildlife, and he has a natural instinct for cartoons. I don't remember who had the idea first, but, prior to 1993, Paul was a natural to take over design of the Wurstfest mug series. His design for the 1993 Wurstfest Mug, dubbed Fritz and Friends, I think, is another of the classics in the series. We throught so highly of it--on first sight--that we a) decided for the first time give the design a name, b) decided to do a mini-series based on the character Fritz, and c) commissioned Thewalt to produce an exclusive pewter thumblift just for this series. We also reduced the overall edition from 2000 total pieces to 1750 total pieces. With Paul on hand to autograph the mugs and steins, we had quick sellouts of the lidded stein and the blue-banded mug. By 1995, the entire edtion was already closed with the exception of about 60 green-banded mugs. The figurine for the stein, incidentally, was totally produced locally. Paul supplied the original sculpture, from which we made the molds, cast the models, and did the hand-painting on our premises. Issue prices were $19.50 for the mug and $75.00 for the stein." --Ken Armke

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